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About food.social

Eating is not only a basic need but also a pleasure. Eating our favourite dishes and discovering new cuisines makes us all happy in life, it brings us joy and gives us a sense of security. Communicating and making daily connection with people is also vital to our existence. Friends, family, colleagues, clients and travellers all have something in common: we all are connected through food. Sharing a meal might seem normal but it’s actually an important essence of life.
food.social is the first platform that connects people through food. At food.social we have discovered and created a missing special ingredient. Our platform is a showcase for people who are passionate about life and food to express themselves and their creativity.

Aspiring Chefs fresh out of culinary school without a job can now use food.social to springboard their carriers by creating a home restaurant or pop-up to be discovered.
Professional Chefs can invite guests to a meal sharing experience in their kitchens.
Foodies who just love to cook for friends and loved ones can now open their homes to global travellers, thus sharing their cooking tips and making new international friends, bringing colour and culture into their daily lives.
Cooking Classes & labs: People who have dreamed about teaching culinary classes now have a platform to do so.
Restaurant owners are able to promote private dining events and be creative on less busy nights to bring new dinners through their doors.
Special events / food tours / wine tasting looking for a platform to communicate unique experiences now have that opportunity.

food.social is also a great platform to launch and test guest feedback on new dishes and products. The Guest: As for the guest, if you are new to a city or travelling for business, then you never have to eat alone anymore nor worry about overpriced tourist traps. With food.social you can find your nearest host with proximity mapping and share a meal with locals and new friends.

Social: food.social is also social, you have the possibility to speak with hosts, guests, see who else is coming to dinner, follow, be followed, make reviews, take photos and share your experiences.