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Gone are the days of settling for side orders of fries, bread and mashed potatoes when hunting for a vegetarian meal. As more and more people are opting to choose plant based meals over meat, the London restaurant scene is evolving to offer more vegetarian as well as vegan inclusive menus. Here’s our guide to finding some of the best all vegetarian (and vegan!) fare in the city.

1. Mildred’s

The Soho branch of Mildred’s is a little over 30 years old, perhaps the oldest all veggie restaurant in London that serves international cuisine. Barring the occasional halloumi or dairy ingredients, nearly every item on the menu is vegan with offerings such as burgers, Asian and Mediterranean. Mildred’s can now be found in 3 other locations besides Soho namely, Camden, King’s Cross and Dalston.

2. 222

One of London’s favorite vegan restaurants, 222 opened in 2004 and has been thrilling vegan and non-vegan guests ever since. Run by Chef Ben Asamani, an internationally renowned vegan chef, there is a tremendous amount of attention that is put into the recipes at 222. Everything is made to order, such that all your special dietary requirements can be put into consideration. 222 proudly makes food that is low-fat, low-salt, non-GMO and organic where possible. 222 is located on North End Road in Fulham.

3. Tibits

As they like to describe themselves, Tibits is ‘fresh, delicious & easy going’. Now the fun bit at Tibits is that you pay by weight – so you are allowed to take as much as you want, or even as little and pay for only the amount you actually want to eat. They have over 40 homemade international dishes including varieties of soups, salads, hot meals, fresh juices and desserts – all vegetarian and mostly vegan. You can find Tibits in Mayfair and in Southwark. 

4. Cookies and Scream

Located in Holloway Road, Cookies and Scream is a dream come true for vegans. It offers a delicious range of cookies, brownies, pies, donuts and thick ‘Scream’ shakes – all of which is completely diary, egg, wheat and gluten free. Whether you’re vegan or not, their cookies will keep you coming back for more. 

5. The Gate

The Gate call themselves the plant-based pioneers, and are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. From Bottomless Prosecco Brunch to Vegan Supperclub, to Sunday Roast to “The Secret Garden” – there are tons of vegan experiences for you to indulge in at The Gate. You can find them at four locations: Hammersmith, Marylebone, Islington and St. John’s Wood. 

6. Sagar

India has a 38% vegetarian population – the highest in the world – so it would be quite unfair to not include an Indian restaurant on this list. Visit Sagar in Fitzrovia, Covent Garden or Hammersmith for some classic South Indian vegetarian fare. This no-frills restaurant is light on the pockets and very fulfilling.

Bonus: Veggie Pret

That’s right. London’s favorite sandwich and coffee shop has opened permanent Veggie outlets after a successful pop-up experiment. While you can just as easily find vegetarian fare in your regular Pret-a-Manger, at Veggie Pret you have a larger offering of vegetarian as well as vegan meals – perfect to grab a quick lunch on a busy day. Veggie Prets can be found in Soho on Broadwick Street and in Exmouth Market.


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