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If you never heard of Pastaio in Soho, now’s the time because a second of Stevie Parle’s fresh pasta restaurants may very well be in the pipeline for an opening in the very near future.

This current hotspot looks like it’s going to be doubling up on James Street in Marylebone, where the premises license is said to have Stevie Parle’s name on it. The license is still not fully confirmed however, and despite the name Pastaio being clearly written on the licensing act, Stevie Parle refuses to let us in on anything. There is said to have been a mix-up with the wording…

The celebrated chef and restaurateur, who owns Rotorino, Craft London and Palatino, opened his popular fresh pasta, no reservations restaurant Pastaio back in 2007. His success has gone a long way from there. In 2010 he acquired the title of Young Chef of the Year, and later formed Stevie Parle’s Restaurants, with business partner Liam Nelson in 2014.

Stevie Parle earned his success with merit, having worked in his early ages in some of the great restaurants of the world and travelled extensively across Europe, the Middle East and Asia to inspire his cooking. The result is five running restaurants within London each performing extremely well.

Pastaio, is casual, communal, vibrant and colorful, featuring a back wall which is enhanced by an eye-catching wall mural by artist supermundane. Customers are welcomed by large tables suited to fit several different parties at a time to encourage socializing. The main attraction to this venue however is very clearly the food. Handmade, fresh, good quality, simple and affordable are what characterizes each and every dish. Stevie Parle has definitely mastered the art of keeping things simple, as his restaurant is constantly overflowing with customers.


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