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1. Fish & Chips

The classic food of the Brits – fish and chips is a dish as simple as its name suggests. It consists of fish fried in batter and served hot with fresh potato chips (or fries, as the rest of the world likes to call them).

2. Full English Breakfast

One cannot visit the UK and not treat yourself to a traditional Full English Breakfast. It often consists of bacon, eggs (fried, poached or scrambled), fried or grilled tomatoes & mushroom, bangers (sausages), buttered toast, black pudding, bubble & squeak and baked beans – all of this served with a mug of good ol’ tea.

3. Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs are a popular picnic snack in the UK, so if you’re heading to spend the evening at Hyde Park make sure to pack this local favourite. Scotch Eggs are essentially hard or soft boiled eggs that have been covered in meat and bread crumbs before being deep-fried to perfection.

4. Sunday Roast

Everyone likes to enjoy a hearty scrumptious meal on the weekend, and the UK is no different. A traditional Sunday Roast will consist of roast beef and roast potatoes accompanied by other vegetables, stuffing and Yorkshire pudding. You’re likely to find this on the menu at a pub near you!

5. Pie & Mash

Pie & Mash is as basic (and as delicious) as the name suggests. A simple cold waster pastry stuffed with minced meat and served alongside mashed potatoes and parsley sauce. Certain Pie & Mash stores will also offer jellied eels on the side, so look out for those.

6. Bangers and Mash

An alternative to Pie & Mash is Bangers and Mash – consisting of sausages and mashed potatoes, served at times with onion gravy and peas.

7. Toad in the Hole

The Brits do like to name their food in the most straightforward way as possible – in this case, they just called it exactly what it looks like. This dish is prepared with sausages baked in Yorkshire pudding batter and served with onion gravy and vegetables.

8. Bubble and Squeak

You may have spotted this dish served in the English Breakfast, but what exactly is a ‘Bubble and Squeak’ and why is it so called? Essentially speaking, this particular dish is simply all the leftover veggies from previous meals, combined with boiled potatoes and shallow fried. Bubble and Squeak refer to the sounds that are made while the dish is frying.

9. Yorkshire Pudding

Do not confuse this item for a dessert just because it’s called pudding. This popular side dish is prepared by baking a batter of eggs, flour and milk. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any British meal.

10. Sticky Toffee Pudding

This classic British dessert consists of an incredibly moist cake, topped generously with toffee sauce and served with a dollop of vanilla custard on the side.

11. Spotted Dick

Despite the unfortunate name, this is a British dessert you got to try. It resembles a sponge cake, but is actually pudding, made out of suet and dried fruit, often served alongside custard.


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