3 High-End Food Experiences Worth Investing in Milan


Milan will never fail to take you by surprise when it comes to offering distinctive experiences. While there’s a lot you can do in the city on a budget, there are also quite a few experiences that tip the scales over onto the expensive side. It may not be possible to try all of them, but here’s our list of 3 high-end food experiences that will be totally worth your buck.

1. Enjoy a culturally rich dinner at a Milanese museum

If are have fascination with discovering local culture, and the history behind it, it’s likely you will visit some renowned museums of Milan. While on your culture trip, it is worth experiencing a unique dining experiences within the walls of these museums. One of the museums that offers such an immersive affair is the Mudec – the Museum of Cultures.

Two Michelin star Chef Enrico Bartolini, offers ‘Contemporary Classic’ taste at his restaurant located on the third floor of Mudec. Make a reservation in advance and be prepared to shell out €200 for a food experience you will never forget!

2. Attend a Food Festival

Milan is host to a variety of eminent festivals be it fashion, film or food. Taste of Milano, a favorite amongst the locals is dedicated to Michelin Starred Chefs. This annual event takes place in May, and offers high end cuisine with food tastings, cooking shows and masterclasses. This festival is a great way of treating yourself to some extraordinary food prepared by these talented chefs at a reasonable price. Tickets to the festival are priced at €16 usually (excluding any food charges).

3. Indulge in a meal with a view

There’s definitely something magical about eating  whilst you overlook the entire city, and what better way to wait for your meal that to get lost in an enchanting view? Milan sets the bar high and offers quite a few restaurants you can choose from to indulge in a meal with a view. A local favorite, fairly new on the scene is Ceresio 7 Pools & Restaurant. Located on top of Enel Building, the venue presents panoramic views of the city’s skyline. Dinner for two will chime in at roughly €140.

Another option would be yet another restaurant housed in the premises of a Museum. Terrazza Triennale – Osteria con Vista, housed on the terrace of La Triennale di Milano, overlooks the Sempione park and makes for a perfect date night venue with dinner for two costing approximately €100.


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