Food.Social Picks: 5 Classes to Sign Up for in London this Summer


1. Sushi and Spanish Wine Masterclass

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At this exclusive masterclass held by Opium London in the private dining area of the restaurant you will learn how to make two different types of sushi – a veg roll and a fish roll. Following the sushi making class, there will be Spanishcwine tasting wherein you will learn about two reds, two whites and a rose. Not to mention, the wines will be accompanied by tasting platters of spring rolls, Spanish cured meats and cheese boards. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to make your favourite Japanese food in the trendy setting of Opium London – a Mediterranean & Pan Asian restaurant & nightclub located in the heart of London. 

When: Thursday, June 27
Price: £80 per person

2. Bottomless Brunch Cooking Class

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Brunching is the trendiest affair in town, and if you want to make your Sunday brunch a little more exciting and a little less expensive then sign up for this Bottomless Brunch Cooking Class. Whether it’s a boozy morning you’re after or just some good old breakfast grub – this is the perfect class for food enthusiasts who want to pick up a skill or two while they’re indulging in their weekend brunch. Choose between a savoury brunch featuring Clarence Court Eggs and sweet brunch featuring French Toast with Oak Smoked Pancetta, Berries & Maple Syrup. Accompanied by bottomless Bellini’s throughout the morning, this is a Sunday activity worth waking up for.

When: Sunday, June 30 & Sunday, July 21
Price: £40 per person

3. Pasta Workshop Supper Club

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A team of experienced chefs guide you through the traditional techniques of mixing, kneading, rolling, shaping and filling your very own Clarence Court Egg pasta parcels. Gain confidence in making your pasta from scratch, learn ravioli presentation skills and acquire essential seasoning tips. There will be hands on pasta making demonstration with full access to all facilities, equipment and required ingredients. The recipe that will be taught at the class shall also be emailed to participants at the end of the class. This is a BYOB class – so feel free to bring in your favorite bottle of cooking wine – you know, the wine you like to drink as you cook!

A Gluten free version of same workshop is scheduled to take place in October.

When: Monday, July 01 & Wednesday, July 17
Price: £65 per person

4. Sous Vide Class with Anova

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First things first, what is Sous Vide, you may ask? Sous-Vide is a professional cooking method where food is cooked in a liquid that is maintained at a very precise temperature in order to produce the perfect end product. As the temperature of sous-vide can be controlled at all times, it is considered as a more precise and gentle way to cook with fantastic results. 

Whether you are thinking about buying a sous-vide machine, have purchased one already, or just want to try different methods of cooking, this is the perfect class for you! You will not only learn the best way to use a sous-vide machine and about the variety of cuisines & dishes than can be created, but you’ll also get to indulge in all the amazing creations made by the Chef during the demonstration – all of which will be accompanied by free flowing wine. 

When: Saturday, August 10 & Monday, September 30
Price: £115 per person

5. Vegan Spanish Tapas Class

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Who says being Vegan means you miss out on all the fun? Sign up for this Vegan Spanish Tapas class to learn an array of fantastic recipes with not an animal product in sight – because Spanish flavours should be enjoyed by everyone and not just the meat lovers. Dishes taught will include Spanish Tortilla, Pincho Moruno Vegetable Skewers and The Knees Bees Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse – all of it a hundred percent vegan! Learn to make authentic and delicious Spanish dishes and wow your family and friends at your next house party!

When: Saturday, August 31
Price: £90 per person


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