London Food Guide: Top Restaurants in the City for 10 Different Cuisines


If you’re in London on a holiday, you cannot be having simply British food for all 10 days, because you could try everything there is to try in just one day. However, London – being the melting pot of cultures that it is – has a lot more to offer than just fish & chips. Go ahead and explore the city’s vibrant and exciting restaurant scene that offers just about all your favorite cuisines. 

1. American 

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You think American, and you think of a hearty burger. Head to Bleecker St. Burger at Spitalfields for their world class burgers. They can also be found at Bloomberg Arcade and Victoria.

2. British

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You could most definitely head to your local pub to grab some British grub, but if you want to truly feel the old English charm then why not treat yourself to traditional British food at the oldest restaurant in London? Check out Rules (est. 1798) in Covent Garden – they specialize in game cookery, oysters, pies and puddings.

3. Chinese / Cantonese

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No one does Cantonese better than Hakkasan in London. This award winning and Michelin starred restaurant uses the finest ingredients and expert traditional techniques to bring their signature dishes to your table. Find them at Mayfair.

4. French

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Located in the heart of Covent Garden, Balthazar is an all-day brasserie dining. The menu features classic French brasserie and bistro dishes such as duck confit and chicken paillard. They also offer a separate vegetarian and vegan menu.

5. Indian

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There’s no dearth of fantastic Indian restaurants in London, and we could recommend a lot of high-end joints but instead we suggest that you head to Punjab for some no-frills Punjabi dining and getting your curry fix. Found in Covent Garden, it’s UK’s first Punjabi restaurant and a fourth-generation family owned joint.

6. Italian

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Famously known to serve the best pasta in London, Padella is where you need to go for your Italian fix. Head to London Bridge to enjoy a meal at this Italian eatery. 

7. Japanese

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Zuma is present in 14 cities globally – and London is where it all started. Visit this restaurant in Knightbridge to taste the authentic flavour of east and interact with traditions of the past.

8. Lebanese

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Londoners love their hummus & falafel, both of which are easily found at all supermarket chains, but if you want to go beyond the basics and truly treat yourself to authentic Lebanese fare then head to Maroush on Edgware Road. 

9. Mexican

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With over 16 locations across London, it should be easy to find a Wahaca near you for all your taco needs. The original and perhaps still the best is the Covent Garden branch that is as popular today as it was the day it opened.

10. Thai

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Check out Rosa’s Thai Cafe in Soho or any of their other 15 London locations to get your hands on some classic Thai fare – satay, pad thai, curry and wok.

Bonus: Desserts!

Here’s our list of places in London that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Tip: If you’re a vegetarian or vegan visiting the city, fear not. We have compiled just the list you need.


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