Why Food.Social is the Future of Dining: 3 Reasons to Bookmark this Platform


After a long week of hustling at work, combating the train crowds / traffic, and just being an all round adult, we all look forward to the weekend break so as to recharge ourselves. It is but a natural tendency to not want to cook during this break. But let’s be honest, dining out during weekends can prove to be a nightmarish experience on its own.

Unless you’ve remembered to make prior reservations (which most of your favourite places probably do not offer), you are most likely to  spend a good amount of time queuing up outside establishments, and when you are finally seated it will be amongst crowds so noisy you will barely be able to discuss the menu, let alone have a good conversation. You’ll struggle with getting the attention of a server and once you’re served, you will have to endure the constant unspoken pressure of hurrying up so that the table can be freed for other customers in queue.

It’s either this or getting a takeaway from your local restaurant round the corner which has all of 2 things you actually like and whose staff has probably memorized your order by now.

Food.social promises to change all this and enhance your dining experience in a way that will truly leave you well fed – both on the food front and social front. Here are 3 reasons why you need to bookmark food.social for all your future dining experiences:

1. Choose the experience you want to have

Whether you’re looking for a good home cooked meal, an extravagant international spread, a private event hosted by a Chef or chance to share a meal with locals while travelling to a new country – food.social has you covered. The platform caters to your love for food and presents an opportunity to enhance your socializing by allowing you to select an event that best suits your mood and personality.

2. Enjoy stress free dining

Simply book an experience and arrive at the stated time. There will be no more stress of queueing up only to end up being seated in a cramped corner. No more crowded rooms, noisy environment and struggling to get noticed by the server. Each experience allows a limited number of guests, ensuring each one receives appropriate attention and is well taken care of. There’s no one waiting over your head at a food.social experience, so there’s no unnecessary pressure to rush through your meal either – you can savour every bite of your meal to your heart’s content.

3. Have a story to go with every meal

Each event that you attend through food.social provides an opportunity to interact and connect with your host, as well as fellow guests. This unique experience allows you to meet new people and exchange stories about literally anything under the sun. Whether it’s fun anecdotes, secret recipes or incredible travel adventures – there’s always a new story served with every meal, and possibly a new friendship!

Visit food.social today to find a host near you and make sure that this weekend you treat yourself to a dining experience that you truly deserve.


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