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Chef Fatima Djitte

I am from Senegal, west Africa but was born and raised in Paris, from a family of 9 children, cooking has always played an important part of my life, at the age of 11 started cooking at least twice a week for the whole family with lots of African and French influences, then moved to the UK 10 years ago and fell In love with London, i can’t say it’s the weather

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I’ve started eating muffin in the Uk, and after few attempts, i finally found a recipe that works with both fresh fruits and dry topping, but still moist

£ 14
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Frenchie Mac and cheese

This is the perfect combination of Us and french comfort food, there’s nothing that can beet a mix of your favourite cheese with some macaroni and a creamy sauce

£ 14

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Paccheri Gorgonzola & Spinach