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The pandemic has brought a whole new dynamic to the food scene. Prior to COVID-19 restaurants were packed with customers and staff. Over in the kitchen, a team of chefs prepared their specials of the day while stories and laughter bounced off the walls.

Now, however, high-end restaurants, culinary start-ups and chefs are all having to be creative and design new dining experiences to cater to today’s difficult realities. As a result, the magic of eating out must now be transported into people’s homes.

Become a chef from the comfort of your home offers from food social 11

Chefs are having to think about the future of their industry and their place within it. The online surely brings a multitude of endless opportunities for both chefs and guests. Everyone has a special dish they can make from home, and if you are in a couple then you are likely to have your own weekly home ‘specials’.

Before the pandemic we all would move from Monday to Friday with a balance of home cooking mixed with client or colleague lunches and our favorite restaurant at weekend with friends and family. Now that we are spending more time at home, we must all expand our home menu to bring variety and learn to branch out into more exotic and experimental cuisines to satisfy our cravings and bring joy and happiness into our lives. Food is one of the most important triggers to our happiness, it can change our mood dramatically, and the sense of achievement one gets from producing your own meal only serves to emphasise this.

Become a chef from the comfort of your home food

James Hill, food.social founder & CEO, is on a mission to solve a few simple yet important pain points in people’s lives. The first is to work with professional chefs willing to teach and share their knowledge with people at home, with the sole objective of educating and elevating home cooking standards. Michelin Star chef Daniel Galmiche, a recent guest of food.social TV, expressed the importance of educating home cooks.

There is also so much to be learnt from professional chefs, particularly in the area of food safety, that the general public might not be aware of: handling, preparing and storing food correctly for example.
Learning about nutrition and food types can have a big impact on your brain, body, heart and wellness. The same goes for improved cooking techniques, new dishes and recipes, food culture and food history. Food is more than just three square meals a day, which is why food.social aims to help people find their inner chef, inspired by professionals.

The other important issue that food.social aims to combat is social wellbeing and loneliness. So many people are trying to connect with others during this increasingly isolating time and need platforms to help them do so. Millennials are tech-savvy but struggle with learning how to build their self-confidence.

food.social’s name and business philosophy underlines our aim: to connect people through food. All our cookery classes are conducted via a Zoom live stream, which allows the guests to engage and interact with the chef and other guests. The recent partnership with the Frolo app, a growing community for single parents, is a perfect example of how food.social can help bring like-minded people together to enjoy a social and educational event.

2020 will see the completion of the food.social ecosystem with the launch of food.social digital magazine this November and exciting end-to-end concepts being launched over the next six months. To keep informed, sign up to food.social newsletter here…


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