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Live Show with MasterChef UK Quarterfinalist Samantha Lhoas

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My cooking style is from scratch, highly influenced by Mediterranean flavours and using fresh ingredients. Ideal for busy people, I will help you create healthy delicious meals in a short time and without fuss.

The kitchen is my happy place and I am the most joyful and my most confident behind the stove. I take inspiration from places I have travelled to, my family, my Italian mother in law and the chefs I follow online. I am passionate to share my love of food and cooking and will transport you on a journey of making dishes you never thought you could!

I also love baking, from tarts, cakes to breads (challah, focaccia, and sourdough being my regular bakes).

Belgian-Spanish, I live in London with my Italian husband Davide and my two daughters Chiara (14) and Olympia (3).

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Crowd pleasing BEST Tiramisu- you will never try another!

  • 4 eggs
  • 150gr icing sugar
  • 400gr mascarpone- take out of fridge one hour before class begins 
  • 200gr sponge fingers – ladies fingers
  • Coffee of sort – make it to 300ml cup of strong coffee – sweeten it – approx 2 teaspoon – cool it down 
  • Quality cocoa powder or plain dark chocolate 

Optional – but highly recommended: Italian Marsala wine – 2/3 of table spoons – you can also use a coffee type liquor like Kalua or Baileys 


  • electric whisk
  • 2 mixing bowls
  • Spatula
  • Slightly deep serving dish like an oven dish (see through is nicer so you can see the finish product) 
  • A grater if you are using chocolate bar
  • A ‘duster’ for the cocoa
Live Show with MasterChef UK Quarterfinalist Samantha Lhoas Tiramisu With MasterChef UK Samantha Lhoas


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Live on Monday 23 Nov 6pm UK

Paccheri Gorgonzola & Spinach