How staycation has become the new vacation (and 3 reasons why you should take one!)

Vacations are all cool, but they’re only fun if the trip is for more than a week. Minimum. How many week long holidays are you going to be able to take though? Vacations need you to take substantial time off work which isn’t really feasible more than once a year now, is it? This is where Staycation comes in. There are over a dozen long weekends every year in the UK, which allows you to indulge in some getaways and staycations – the marker for which is booming!

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Staycation nothing but a vacation in which you stay in the same country, maybe even in the same city, in which your home is. It has become the new vacation because of various reasons but primarily the fact that you can enjoy multiple staycations in a year without losing out on any of your leave days or breaking the bank. 

Here’s our top 3 reasons why you should be taking a staycation the next long weekend:

1. Easy on the pocket

Forget all your worries about airfare, travel insurance, exchange rates, visa costs, internal transport et al. You’re not going to cross any borders for a staycation which automatically removes a ton of hassle and reduces the cost. You are likely to find steal deals for local properties, with special rates for residents as compared to the tourist rates. Not to mention, you’re on your turf so you’re less likely to be cheated off your money!

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2. Less time in transit, more time relaxing

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Staycation cuts out the need to leave your home 4 hours early to reach the airport on time, queue up for various procedures, and then settle in the cramped economy flight next to a chatty stranger. On a vacation you need to chalk up an entire day for traveling to your destination which takes out time from activities you’d actually rather be doing.

When you’re just driving over to the next town or say just the other side of the city, as you would in the case of a staycation, you’ll be spending less time in transit and more time relaxing. Best staycations are at properties that are an hour or less away by car – just far away enough from home so you’re away from routine, but also just close enough so you can maximise your time.

No need to plan months in advance 

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Unlike a vacation that needs planning months in advance (leave applications, flight bookings, visa procedure, logistics etc etc), a staycation can be planned overnight and even as a surprise for your significant other! There’s always a last minute deal waiting for you somewhere, so all one needs to do is decide to take a staycation, go online and find the best bargain deal and you could be ready to start in as little as 30 minutes.

So if there’s a long weekend coming up and you want to put off that deep cleaning of your home for another time, then book yourself a staycation, pack your bags and head off to grab some much deserved down time.

5 Essential food tours to sign up for in London

Are you visiting London this summer? We’re sure you’ve got your itinerary planned with the must-see sights, top shopping destinations and best photo ops in London. We highly recommend that one of the activities on your list be to sign up for a few food tours, and here’s our collection of the 5 essential tours you should consider signing up for.

1. The Great British Food Tour

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We’ve always advocated that one of the best ways to educate yourself about a new city and its culture is via its local food. Sign up for one of the many tours available, some secret and some not so much, that will allow you close to 3 hours to simply immerse yourself in British food culture and introduce you to best places to grab some local grub.

Alternatively, check The Tourist’s Guide British Gastronomy by and begin your own hunt.

2. Soho Food Tours

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Soho is one of the most happening neighbourhoods of Central Londo, and if you’re a visitor then chances are that you will be spending a substantial time in this area. As you take in all the sights and sounds, it’s also important to take in all flavours that Soho has to offer. Look up Tastes of Soho, book your tour and embark on an afternoon food and cultural walking tour. Discover the international cuisine influenced by the multicultural population of the city and feel like a total Soho-pro by the end of it. Prices start at £39. 

Alternatively, you can browse through our London food guide for top restaurants in every neighbourhood. 

4. 3 Markets Food Tour

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A day out in the markets is incomplete without indulging in some kickass street food. Sign up for a guided tour of 3 popular markets – Borough, Leadenhall and Spitalfields – offering some of the best shopping as well as food deals. On this walking tour you will taste samples of both British and International cuisine, learn about culinary influences and learn why London is one of the greatest food destinations in the world.

Alternatively, take a look at our compilation of top 10 places to eat at in  London.

4. Vegan Food Tour

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Vegans need not cross out food tours from their to-do list, as London has something for everyone. And in the case of vegans, there’s a thriving and vibrant scene to explore. Starting off on Old Street in Shoreditch, the vegan food tour will let you try generous samples from top vegan eateries in London. You will also get to learn about Shoreditch’s history and get some cultural insights from the guide on your walking tour. 

Alternatively, check out our compilation of the best vegetarian & vegan fare around London.

5. Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

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End your food tour journey with on a sweet note and sign up for one of the popular dessert tours run by Chocolate Ecstasy Tours. Their walking tours are the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth in some of the best treats London has to offer – be it chocolate, ice-cream or some good old traditional sweets. Tours start at £43 per person and make for the perfect outing irrespective of whether you’re travelling solo, with your partner, friends or the entire family!

Alternatively, you can also check out our top 7 picks for ice-cream parlours in London.

10 Brilliant Burgers in London

Disclaimer: The following post may cause some serious burger cravings possibly accompanied by some drool. This effect is wholly intentional, and we hope that by the end of this post you know exactly where to get your burger fix in London.

1. Bleecker St.

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Juicy, fatty and meaty patties is what makes Bleecker St. burgers the best in town. Try their famous Bleecker black (double cheeseburger with black pudding), or literally any other burger off their menu and get immersed in a sea of flavours. Found at Spitalfields, Victoria and Bloomberg, Bleecker is super easy on your pocket with meal for two costing roughly £20. 

2. Hawksmoor

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While some may regard this as a hidden treasure best known only by locals, we’re here to spill the tea – Hawksmoor in Covent Garden serves mighty delicious burgers. If you manage to not get distracted by their brilliant steaks and Sunday Roasts, then order a Hawksmoor Burger made using 100% well-loved British beef by masters of beef themselves. The price, at £17, may seem steep but it’s love at first bite.

3. Honest Burgers

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Honest Burgers like to stick true to their name, and serving you burgers that are nothing by honestly delectable. With over 15 outlets around the city, you’ll easily find one that’s close to you and in less than £15 enjoy a hearty meal of a burger and beer. Honest Burgers are also a favorite amongst vegetarians for serving the best vegetarian burger in London.

4. Patty & Bun

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Patty & Bun at Marylebone (or 4 other outlets) has a burger called Ari Gold – first on the menu so you don’t have to look further – which would totally win a gold medal were there an Olympics for Burgers. We highly recommend investing in this gold which is priced at £8.75. Most of the burgers on their menu can be requested in a veggie version as well.

5. Mac & Wild

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Their Veni-moo burger has won the award for best burger in London in 2016. Three years on, it still ranks as a favorite amongst burger enthusiasts in the city and is worth £14.5 for the rich venison patty burger topped with candied bacon. You can find Mac & Wild at Fitzrovia on Great Titchfield Street. 

6. Burger & Lobster

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This restaurant serves two main things, and there’s no points for guessing what they are. Their no-nonsense approach means their entire focus is on serving the best burger and the best lobster experience. Check them out in Soho or any of their other 8 locations and splurge on everything on their menu to enter a food coma.

7. Dip & Flip

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It’s juicy, it’s cheesy, it’s messy, it’s beefy! Most importantly, it’s a burger you don’t want to miss out on. Visit them at Battersea Rise and order their namesake – the Dip & Flip burger – for a gravy topped delight in less than £10.

8. Bar Boulud

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Bar Boulud is exactly the kind of place you want to hit up when you want to have a fancy dinner date but also have a hearty meal rather than skimpy fine dining portions. Located inside the posh Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge, Bar Boulud offers three exquisite burgers ranging from £15 to £25. Not bad of a deal at all if you want to impress a date!

9. Joe Allen

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Joe Allen doesn’t offer burger – not on it’s menu at least – but those that ask for it are never disappointed. London’s worst kept secret when it comes to burgers, Joe Allen’s secret off-menu burger is probably the most ordered items at their restaurant and has made it to many a burger enthusiasts must-have-burgers list. Find them at Burleigh Street in Covent Garden. 

10. Shake Shack

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Do you know why the above photo shows two burgers instead of just one? Well it’s because at Shake Shack you’d be hard pressed to settle for just one. The famous American chain crossed the pond and brought over it’s delicious range of shack burgers in 2013, and has since then become a local favorite.. Headover to their flagship branch at Market Building in Covent Garden to grab your shack!

The Best Rooftop Bars in London, from Cocktail spots to Perfect Pubs

In a city like London, with the bustling metropolitan streets packed with skyscrapers, there are always incredible rooftop bars in London to explore and enjoy the view from. Whether you are after a cheeky cocktail or a hearty pub experience, the options are seemingly never-ending. But rather than leave you to wade through this never-ending stream, we have narrowed it down to some of London’s best.

1. Bokan

Combine modern European pub-chic, dizzying views of the London skyline and smashing cocktails and you have got yourself Bokan’s rooftop bar. Drinking cocktail expert Danilo Tersigni’s show-stopping concoctions in the sky has a pretty incredible feel to it, as does eating head chef Aurélie Altemaire’s exquisite European fine dining dishes. Summer nights from Thursday to Saturday mean international DJ sets adding to the electric feel pulsing through this classy spot.

Must-try cocktail: The Chaos On The River

Address: 40 Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9TP

2. Mercer Roof Terrace

Cloud gazing is never so sweet as when on the Mercer Roof Terrace, sipping on one of their famously delicious cocktails and overlooking awe-inspiring landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral and The Shard in all its sparkling wonder. The glass-look is not just reserved for The Shard, though, and you will find the Mercer Roof Terrace’s windows are floor-to-ceiling glass, making the view that much more tangible.

Must-try cocktail: The Twisted Daiquiri

Address: 20 Garlick Hill, London EC4V 2AU

3. The Aviary

The Aviary was designed by Russell Sage Studio and it’s safe to say the interior is almost as eye-catching as the views – but not quite, because it’s a 10th floor ogling perch. The central bar splits the space in two – one side is the impeccable restaurant by head chef Dan Loftin, the other side is a luxurious lounge best enjoyed with a botanical themed cocktail in hand. If you are not looking for a proper sit-down meal, the bar menu offers some delightful options that achieve more of an opulent-pub vibe.

Must-try cocktail: Flamingo Riff

Address: Royal London House, 10th Floor Montcalm, 22-25 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1DX

4. The Garden at 120

This rooftop garden come coffee bar is the biggest public rooftop space in London and is sat on the 15th floor of the Fen Court offices. There are 360 degree views of many of London’s great sights, such as Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and The Shard (not to mention the sweeping views of the river from up there!) Most noteworthy about The Garden at 120 is not the view, however beautiful, but rather its incredible greenery at such a height in such an industrial area. Between the Italian wisteria, water feature and fruit trees, you would hardly believe you are a part of the epic city skyline.

Address: 120 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 5BA

Best Rooftop Bars in London the best rooftop bars in london, from cocktail spots to perfect pubs The Best Rooftop Bars in London, from Cocktail spots to Perfect Pubs Best Rooftop Bars in London

5. Dalston Roof Park

So much is happening in the city center that it can be easy to forget how many exciting bars there are in east London and surrounds. Dalston Roof Park is a prime example of the fact that you don’t need skyscrapers to have a great rooftop party. Brought to London by the Bootstraps Charity, the venue runs like a great big outdoor pub. There are quiz nights, live music performances and even cocktail masterclasses for those who want to replicate the delicious drinks they are sampling at home. This highly Instagrammable rooftop is covered in sensational cherry blossom replicas, grassy carpets and is a quirky, lively destination well-worth visiting.

Address: The Print House, 18-22 Ashwin St, Dalston, London E8 3DL

6. Jurema

The internationally acclaimed landscape designer Bureau Bas Smets poured his expertise in Jurema, which won the best outdoor space award at this year’s Global Head Awards. Jurema’s bar is now filled with palm trees, a relaxed courtyard aesthetic, an evergreen sanctuary of passion flower and jasmine plants, and shack-style furniture that makes the whole place reminiscent of Babylon. If you can drag yourself away from the exotic plant varieties, you will find the cabana-style bar has plenty to shout about too.

Must-try cocktail: Jalapeno

Address: 20-21 Newman St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1PG

7. Rooftop at The Trafalgar St James

Between the rooftop view of the iconic Nelson’s Column and the delicious al fresco or small plate food that is on offer, you feel lighter than air when towering above central London in The Trafalgar St James’ Rooftop. Each cocktail is made with the utmost care and skill by bartenders who can make you anything you fancy. Just chat to them about your favourite flavours and they will rustle you up the perfect concoction. Every sip is enhanced by the cityscape views, putting all the bars in London without a view in the backseat.

Contact: 020 7870 2904

Address: 7th Floor, 2 Spring Gardens, St. James’s, London SW1A 2TS

8. 12th Knot

Inspired by the hedonistic, bohemian ideals of London’s 1920s young aristocrats called the Bright Young Things, 12th Knot in Battersea’s Sea Containers London is the perfect spot on the river for drinks and food with a 12th floor view. The view includes vistas of the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and the city at large. Sit yourself on a plush terrace sofa and lounge about whilst enjoying the British-Amerian cuisine and cocktails.

Must-try cocktail: Milky Whey Colada

Contact: 020 3747 1063

Address: 20 Upper Ground, South Bank, London SE1 9PD

9. B&H Garden Room

Just by the National Portrait Gallery in London’s West End you will find the Bourne & Hollingsworth Garden Room, offering a rustic, pub-come-brasserie charm with 180-degree panoramic views from floor-to-ceiling glass windows and signature cocktails. The room is decorated with Aztec-style patterns, rattan furniture and enough organic greenery that you feel like you are getting a piece of the outdoors from up in the sky. The food is seasonal and European-inspired.

Contact: 020 3962 7275

Address: 10th floor, above Assembly Hotel, 31 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0LS

If there is one thing you can be sure about, it is that cool bars in London will never run out – new spots pop up every day with exciting menus and mesmerising cocktails. So head to any of these and know you are in for a great night of cocktails, wine lists, pub food and nibbles.

KFC’s Fake Chicken Burger Is Fungi Seasoned With the 11 Herbs and Spices

Whether people want to cut out on meat entirely or at least reduce their consumption, it is quite evident that vegetarianism and veganism are growing treds. The sad truth is that fast food restaurants seldom cater to those people, for the most part offering almost exclusively meat based meals (unless you came for a fast food salad that is).

KFC is now officially ahead of the game with a new fake chicken burger, launched in London on the 17th of June under the name of Imposter Burger. You understood it right, this burger is fully vegan. It is the perfect imitation of any of the original burgers on their menu as it is coated with the same herb and spice blend that makes KFC so differentiable. The only element that’s lacking is cheese. The company has not yet managed to develop a vegan cheese recipe that melts the same way as their American cheese.

Victoria Robertson, the recipe developer for the Imposter said that the vegan chicken filet found in the burger took a year to develop. They used the meat substitute company Quorn, which contains mycoprotein as an ingredient derived from fungus. However, this business focuses on vegetarian substitutes, and not vegan. Therefor the vegan part of the new KFC launch is what took more effort, as it had to be tailored to the Fried Chicken Chain’s needs.

Eater London contributor Josh Barrie sampled the burger for I News, and remained quite positive about it, saying “Quorn has done a decent job with the breast, which is firm and vaguely chicken-y; it’s not too dry or aggressively spongy. Even if it doesn’t tear apart like meat, its texture is such that it provides an ample vehicle for that famous Kentucky coating.” He did however point out that the herb and spice coating deserves to be more generously applied, because after all, that is what people go to KFC for.

Concerning the burgers nutritional value, it contains 450 calories and has less saturated fat and sugar than the other burgers on KFC’s menu. I guess this does make it slightly healthier.

One concern does remain unclear however. It seems almost impossible to tell how this new plant-based chicken recipe may be beneficial to the planet. Ms Robertson is unable to tell us how many chickens may be saved if say 50% of the KFC burgers were to be replaced by vegan versions. This is problematic as many people converge to veganism specifically for the sake of being more sustainable for the planet.

Ms Robertson commented: “We just want to offer customers the choice. I think some people might go for the vegan version instead, so we might end up reducing the number of fillet burgers we sell. But it might also allow vegans who have never tried KFC’s original recipe flavour the chance to do so. It works both ways.”

The Need for Community While Traveling and How to Find It

In this modern day and age of technology, a lot of us have started feeling comfortable in traveling to new places by ourselves and taking the so called “solo trips” to enhance our relationship with self and elevate our travel experience in its entirety. However, it is worth noting that these solo trips have gained so much traction not because they allow you to cut off with the rest of the world but more so because they present you with an opportunity to create a community with the rest of the world – a community that transcends borders. 

Why is there a need for community while travelling, though? Community brings together a social unit of people that offer each other support, insight and a sense of familiarity – all essential elements to get the most out of your travelling experiences. Community serves the purpose of fulfilling our innate need to feel belonged and safe. And communities aren’t just for extroverts. Introverts too need a sense of belonging and security, especially when travelling. When and where each person finds their community is a highly individual process that depends on each person’s passion and interests.

How does one find community while travelling then? Here’s our top 3 tips:

1. Talk to a stranger

the need for community while traveling and how to find it The Need for Community While Traveling and How to Find It adults alcoholic beverages bar 1267697 1024x683
Image via

What’s the worst that could happen? The stranger you just offered a kind smile and said hello to will think you are an odd ball and walk away from you? That’s it. No big deal in that, really. On the other hand, if you do manage to strike up a conversation, who knows what that will lead to? You might hear of a story that cannot be found on any tourist website or you may as well be making a friend for life. Leave aside all your “stranger danger” notions, and say hello to that person next to you on the bus or ahead of you in the coffee line. Introduce yourself but focus on them – who are they, where are they from, what are their interests, and what brings them to the place you’re both at? Finding a familiar thread is all it takes to lay the foundations of a community.

2. Share a meal

the need for community while traveling and how to find it The Need for Community While Traveling and How to Find It fjmswCOmtOU77RYeUVB6POaKH7hh0s2Oa92uoEiJ0pBgQIVsGcpdQGUWy6UYVUWLyUGqx 7IHR8khkFShCQaKzjstozy2O6uRu5qMqBwCpxGwQyI3gwAzvWIEEBe EbPQ2f NY9L
Image via

Find a friendly couple or family and ask if they could recommend their favorite restaurant in the area. Follow that up with an invitation to join you at said restaurant – afterall, we all know that nothing brings people together better than the shared love of food. Sharing a meal is an intimate experience and offers an unparalleled opportunity to shed inhibitions and exchange stories. If you are confused as to where to find such friendly people to share a meal with, you can simply sign up on and look out for a local food host near you. 

3. Sign up for a food event

the need for community while traveling and how to find it The Need for Community While Traveling and How to Find It CjbJLnYV SgMONVVem V1AGGMtQBSJwROcT62oGBajBPsU xVxrltvKnuCLmyOBYB0AZOXaLRTNy7MkwAwlX6A9S0Q9mcJSeySxZQBuN1ppRZPLdMEHgy w5v3nq7RmoqwMAAv9e
Image via

Sharing a meal isn’t the only way to connect with the local community in any place. You can sign up for a multitude of food related activities including walking food tours, private dining, and home food experiences. All of these events will give you a chance to interact with like-minded people with similar passions and tons of ideas, insights and information up for an exchange – all of it combined with a delicious meal. Food, culture and personal histories shared is a sure shot way to form a community that will intensify the takeaway from your travels.

The Ultimate Bucket List of Cheesy Experiences in London

While there is no conclusive evidence as to where cheese making originates, we can safely say that the world is a better place because of cheese in it. Can you imagine just how much flavour our lives would be lacking if it weren’t for cheese? We shudder to even think of it! If like us, you too are a true cheese devotee, and happen to find yourself in London then here’s the ultimate bucket list of cheesy experiences you must have in the city:

1. The Cheese Truck

This no frills food truck is what you need to chase down if you’re in the mood for a ridiculously cheesy grilled cheese sandwich. Their aim is to show people just how amazing British cheese is and they do so quite successfully by melting locally sourced cheeses combined with artisanal breads. Popularly found at Maltby Street Market the truck travels a lot and you easily find their location via their social media. While their deliciously gooey sandwiches are heavy on the stomach they are quite light on the pocket with cost for two being just £10.

2. The Cheese Bar

If you’re not satisfied with simply a grilled cheese, then fret not. The founders of The Cheese Truck decided to expand their horizons and have opened their flagship restaurant in Camden – The Cheese Bar – also known as the cheesiest place in London. Need we say more? Head out to Camden Stables Market to get your hands on some of the cheesiest comfort foods out there.

3. Alpes

Experience the magic of hot melted raclette at this small Alpine bistro in a shipping container in Pop Brixton brought to you by famed street food vendors Raclette Brothers. The fact that they decided to open up a permanent space is a testimonial to their Raclette Savoyarde (priced at £9 at Alpes) being worth the hype.

4. Oli Baba’s

Forget your Mozzarella Sticks or Cheddar pops and make way for your new addiction: Halloumi Fries. Oli Baba’s at Camden Market (and now at Netil Market) call themselves as the original creators of Halloumi Fries and this delicacy full of middle eastern flavours is something you can simply not afford to miss when in London. Their Camden stall serves literally only their flagship dish priced at an affordable £6 and topped with Zaatar Yogurt, Pomegranate Seeds & Molasses, Mint, Sumac and Turkish Chilli flakes.

5. Champagne + Fromage

This French bistro in Covent Garden serves the best – yes, you guessed it – Champagne and Fromage (cheese) combination. A fine selection of Champagne, some brilliantly put together cheese and charcuterie boards as well as seasonal specials and tempting desserts – all served the french way. The best part about this eatery is that it’s not just an eatery – you can very well purchase their finest grower Champagne and over 50 types of soft & hard cheeses to take home with you.

6. St. Moritz

Visit London’s oldest Swiss Restaurant, St. Moritz, for an authentic Fondue experience. Located in Soho, this place is popular for serving an amazing blend of bubbling Swiss cheeses with a variety of breads and seasonal vegetables. An average cost for two is £45.

7. The Cheese Wheel

Hot and fresh hand rolled pasta swirled around generously in a giant Grana Padano cheese wheel. This is your cheesy pasta dream come true, trust us. Made with signature white wine, garlic and chive sauce, their pasta is topped with only the finest artisan ingredients. You can find The Cheese Wheel at Kerb Camden Market.

8. La Fromagerie

Another French cafe and shop that should not be missed by cheese connoisseurs is La Fromagerie in Marylebone. You can enjoy breakfast and lunch featuring the exquisite cheeses on offer at the store daily, or indulge in their Cheese & Wine tastings on Friday evenings. Cost for two on an average at La Fromagerie is around £30.

9. Kappacasein Dairy

Visit their stall at Borough Market for some fantastic Raclette and toastie, or if you want to satisfy the cheese nerd in you, then you can visit their dairy in Bermondsey. Open to guests exclusively on Saturdays, the Kappacasein Dairy is great opportunity to taste their cheese and see how they are made. Take home locally produced cheese with you and impress your friends with some cheesy delights as well as trivia!

Learn Bartending Techniques with Dry Milano

Bartending is an art and one that requires mad skills.  There are no two ways about it. If you think that simply memorizing a few cocktail recipes and putting them together at a party makes you a bartender, then you’re wrong. Mixology takes a lot more than just memorizing recipes. As a bartender, you need to understand your alcohol and all your ingredients. Your drink should tell a unique story through its flavours, and as a bartender, you are the author of that story, with the ingredients being your characters.

Having received recognition around the world as a serious profession, there are now specialized schools for bartending operating around the world. But what if you’ve already made your career choice and just want to pick up a few tricks to entertain your guests? Well, Dry Milano is here to solve your problem.

Dry Milano is a hip cocktail bar with two prime locations – Viale Vittorio Veneto and Via Solferino – offering a high-end nightlife experience with its wide choice of cocktails to go with your meal. Now, having a name like “Dry” for a cocktail bar is pretty curious – after all, as per its common meaning of ‘no alcohol’, it leaves the place quite redundant. However, dry also means ‘reduced to the bones’ or rather, reduced to ‘the fundamental qualities’ and in this case, quite consciously so.

Dry aims to simply bring together two fundamentals – pizza and alcohol – to serve you the best pizzas accompanied by remarkable cocktails in the heart of Milan. While at it, the bar is also offering a unique experience for mixology fans – to learn bartending techniques.

At this distinctive experience, Dry Milano has curated an exclusive session behind the bar with the Dry bar manager. During this experience, the bar manager will guide you through the basics of mixology and demonstrate some of the common tricks of bartending. The session will culminate in an opportunity to shake his signature cocktail with him!

To accompany the cocktail that you have just mixed for yourself, you will be served:

  • Cubotti with roasted ham and horseradish
  • Focaccia with rocket, squacquerone cheese and basil oil
  • Selection of homemade gelato

Sign up for this fun experience, and pick up a cool bartending skill or two from the best in the business.

Cooking Class followed by Dinner with Mariangela

Are you on a visit to Milan and wondering how will you pack so many souvenirs for all your friends back home? Or perhaps you’re a resident of the city and are looking for a new refreshing activity to do on your day off? In either case, we have the answer for you. Sign up for a cooking class with Mariangela at Cascina Cuccagna.

Here are the top reasons why you should sign up for this class:

1. Cooking skills make for a great souvenir.

When in Italy, learn to cook as the Italians do. Sure, there will one too many Italian restaurants around the block from your home, but there’s no better Italian food than the homemade kind. Learn the traditional recipes and surprise your friends back home by throwing them an authentic Italian themed dinner party.

2. Cooking is therapeutic.

For those who reside in the city, and have had a hectic work week, it is vital to do some de-stressing activities on your day off. Cooking has proven to have therapeutic effects on people, especially when you are making something you love to eat. This class offers the opportunity to learn the traditional Italian recipes and cooking techniques that have been passed down generations in Italian families. This unique learning experience will revitalize any food enthusiast, and give you a chance to reconnect with your roots.

3. You get to interact with fellow food enthusiasts.

This class is conducted by Mariangela, a Sicilian woman who has been enamoured by the culinary arts ever since she was a child. Mariangela grew up watching her mother and grandmothers preparing wonderfully delicious meals for their family, creating art in the kitchen. She took inspiration from these amazing women in her life and realized her passion for cooking. At Cascina Cuccagna she runs her own cooking school, “The Cucinista” where she passes on her love & skills for Italian as well as international recipes. Being in this class will allow you to not only interact with Mariangela but all other students who have come in with similar excitement to exchange recipes, trivia and skills.

cooking class followed by dinner with mariangela Cooking Class followed by Dinner with Mariangela marinangela

4. There’s dinner.

That’s right. You aren’t just following instructions and cooking up a small portion enough to take a photograph for your social media. This cooking class is followed by a dinner which allows you to taste all the varieties that have been prepared during the class, plus additional delicacies by Mariangela. This is a great bonding and networking opportunity.

5. It’s located in an 18th Century Farmhouse.

Cascina Cuccagna is a charming 18th-Century farmhouse, that has been restored to a modern functional space that preserves the old-world beauty. Located in the centre of Milan, this farmhouse serves as space for the community to promote cultural and entertainment activities. Easily accessible and a hub of cultural activities, this is the perfect place to unwind and mingle with like-minded people.

Explore Beer Craft at Birrificio Milano

Italy is a haven for wine lovers, and being in Milan you have access to some of the finest wines in the world. With Birrificio Milano though, beer lovers, too, have a reason to celebrate now. This top-notch Milanese brewery produces 7 types of beers currently, with the alcohol content ranging from 4.2% to 7.5%.

Established in 2013, Birrificio Milano is a brewing company that is set in one of the industrial area’s still perfectly preserved buildings. Their mission is “producing high-quality, unfiltered, non-pasteurized beer, selecting top ingredients with care and lots of passion.”

Built on the site of a historical Milanese factory, Birrifico wants to embrace the values of handicraft representative of the site. They want to pursue a dream of excellence by locally producing high-quality, handcrafted beer and creating a competitive Italian brand that is fit for sharing with the world and yet, entirely produced in Italy.

As per Birrifico Milano: “Our beers reflect our way of being, curious and open to the new, yet also strongly connected to Italian tradition and taste. We select top raw materials and modify them with great care for details.”

At the brewery, meticulous amount of care is given to the selection of raw materials, the production process, taste and branding. Special attention is also given to using environmentally safe products to ensure that the production site is not only functional but also sustainable.

At this tasting event, you will get to explore beer craft via a 2-hour long guided tour of the brewery led by an expert. During the tour, you will get acquainted with what a normal day at the brewery looks like, the daily work and the production process. The tour will culminate in an elaborate tasting session of their 7 different craft beers, accompanied by a spread locally sourced cold cuts and cheeses.

The guests will also get an opportunity to purchase the products at favourable prices.

You will come across many a wine tasting tours in and around Milan, but this is a great tour for those who prefer the beer over wine.