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Disclaimer: The following post may cause some serious burger cravings possibly accompanied by some drool. This effect is wholly intentional, and we hope that by the end of this post you know exactly where to get your burger fix in London.

1. Bleecker St.

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Image via https://www.facebook.com/BleeckerBurger/photos/a.455180764494661/2512522648760452/?type=3&theater

Juicy, fatty and meaty patties is what makes Bleecker St. burgers the best in town. Try their famous Bleecker black (double cheeseburger with black pudding), or literally any other burger off their menu and get immersed in a sea of flavours. Found at Spitalfields, Victoria and Bloomberg, Bleecker is super easy on your pocket with meal for two costing roughly £20. 

2. Hawksmoor

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Image: https://www.facebook.com/Hawksmoor/photos/a.149218318452379/2991098630930986/?type=3&theater

While some may regard this as a hidden treasure best known only by locals, we’re here to spill the tea – Hawksmoor in Covent Garden serves mighty delicious burgers. If you manage to not get distracted by their brilliant steaks and Sunday Roasts, then order a Hawksmoor Burger made using 100% well-loved British beef by masters of beef themselves. The price, at £17, may seem steep but it’s love at first bite.

3. Honest Burgers

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Image via

Honest Burgers like to stick true to their name, and serving you burgers that are nothing by honestly delectable. With over 15 outlets around the city, you’ll easily find one that’s close to you and in less than £15 enjoy a hearty meal of a burger and beer. Honest Burgers are also a favorite amongst vegetarians for serving the best vegetarian burger in London.

4. Patty & Bun

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Image via: https://www.facebook.com/PattyandBun/photos/a.263928313655884/2196172337098129/?type=3&theater

Patty & Bun at Marylebone (or 4 other outlets) has a burger called Ari Gold – first on the menu so you don’t have to look further – which would totally win a gold medal were there an Olympics for Burgers. We highly recommend investing in this gold which is priced at £8.75. Most of the burgers on their menu can be requested in a veggie version as well.

5. Mac & Wild

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Image via: https://www.facebook.com/macandwild/photos/a.1548341571883004/2420506811333138/?type=3&theater

Their Veni-moo burger has won the award for best burger in London in 2016. Three years on, it still ranks as a favorite amongst burger enthusiasts in the city and is worth £14.5 for the rich venison patty burger topped with candied bacon. You can find Mac & Wild at Fitzrovia on Great Titchfield Street. 

6. Burger & Lobster

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Image via: https://www.facebook.com/burgerandlobster/photos/a.730387457035936/2778894615518533/?type=3&theater

This restaurant serves two main things, and there’s no points for guessing what they are. Their no-nonsense approach means their entire focus is on serving the best burger and the best lobster experience. Check them out in Soho or any of their other 8 locations and splurge on everything on their menu to enter a food coma.

7. Dip & Flip

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Image via https://www.facebook.com/DipandFlip/photos/a.381380718655386/2055309167929191/?type=3&theater

It’s juicy, it’s cheesy, it’s messy, it’s beefy! Most importantly, it’s a burger you don’t want to miss out on. Visit them at Battersea Rise and order their namesake – the Dip & Flip burger – for a gravy topped delight in less than £10.

8. Bar Boulud

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Image via: https://www.facebook.com/BarBouludLondon/photos/a.3101117206580486/3101117153247158/?type=3&theater

Bar Boulud is exactly the kind of place you want to hit up when you want to have a fancy dinner date but also have a hearty meal rather than skimpy fine dining portions. Located inside the posh Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge, Bar Boulud offers three exquisite burgers ranging from £15 to £25. Not bad of a deal at all if you want to impress a date!

9. Joe Allen

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mage via: https://www.facebook.com/JoeAllenWC2/photos/a.597546456943179/2246055418758933/?type=3&theater

Joe Allen doesn’t offer burger – not on it’s menu at least – but those that ask for it are never disappointed. London’s worst kept secret when it comes to burgers, Joe Allen’s secret off-menu burger is probably the most ordered items at their restaurant and has made it to many a burger enthusiasts must-have-burgers list. Find them at Burleigh Street in Covent Garden. 

10. Shake Shack

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Image via: https://www.facebook.com/shakeshackUK/photos/a.450514698364483/2256268657789069/?type=3&theater

Do you know why the above photo shows two burgers instead of just one? Well it’s because at Shake Shack you’d be hard pressed to settle for just one. The famous American chain crossed the pond and brought over it’s delicious range of shack burgers in 2013, and has since then become a local favorite.. Headover to their flagship branch at Market Building in Covent Garden to grab your shack!


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