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Are you visiting London this summer? We’re sure you’ve got your itinerary planned with the must-see sights, top shopping destinations and best photo ops in London. We highly recommend that one of the activities on your list be to sign up for a few food tours, and here’s our collection of the 5 essential tours you should consider signing up for.

1. The Great British Food Tour

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Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/food-fish-chips-fish-and-chips-3687804/

We’ve always advocated that one of the best ways to educate yourself about a new city and its culture is via its local food. Sign up for one of the many tours available, some secret and some not so much, that will allow you close to 3 hours to simply immerse yourself in British food culture and introduce you to best places to grab some local grub.

Alternatively, check The Tourist’s Guide British Gastronomy by food.social and begin your own hunt.

2. Soho Food Tours

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Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/asian-food-dimsum-cuisine-chinese-2090943/

Soho is one of the most happening neighbourhoods of Central Londo, and if you’re a visitor then chances are that you will be spending a substantial time in this area. As you take in all the sights and sounds, it’s also important to take in all flavours that Soho has to offer. Look up Tastes of Soho, book your tour and embark on an afternoon food and cultural walking tour. Discover the international cuisine influenced by the multicultural population of the city and feel like a total Soho-pro by the end of it. Prices start at £39. 

Alternatively, you can browse through our London food guide for top restaurants in every neighbourhood. 

4. 3 Markets Food Tour

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Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/paella-food-borough-market-london-678710/

A day out in the markets is incomplete without indulging in some kickass street food. Sign up for a guided tour of 3 popular markets – Borough, Leadenhall and Spitalfields – offering some of the best shopping as well as food deals. On this walking tour you will taste samples of both British and International cuisine, learn about culinary influences and learn why London is one of the greatest food destinations in the world.

Alternatively, take a look at our compilation of top 10 places to eat at in  London.

4. Vegan Food Tour

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Vegans need not cross out food tours from their to-do list, as London has something for everyone. And in the case of vegans, there’s a thriving and vibrant scene to explore. Starting off on Old Street in Shoreditch, the vegan food tour will let you try generous samples from top vegan eateries in London. You will also get to learn about Shoreditch’s history and get some cultural insights from the guide on your walking tour. 

Alternatively, check out our compilation of the best vegetarian & vegan fare around London.

5. Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

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Image via: https://pixabay.com/photos/ice-ice-cream-milk-ice-cream-waffle-2367072/

End your food tour journey with on a sweet note and sign up for one of the popular dessert tours run by Chocolate Ecstasy Tours. Their walking tours are the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth in some of the best treats London has to offer – be it chocolate, ice-cream or some good old traditional sweets. Tours start at £43 per person and make for the perfect outing irrespective of whether you’re travelling solo, with your partner, friends or the entire family!

Alternatively, you can also check out our top 7 picks for ice-cream parlours in London.


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