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When you’re in a new city, unsure of what to eat, chances are you will stumble into the first place that sells pizza and settle in. Pizza is never a bad idea, no matter what time of the day or how hungry you are. If you want a snack, buy a single slice. If you haven’t eaten all day, devour a 12” pie by yourself. Whether you’re eating solo or sharing, pizza is the safest yet most delicious bet.  For all your pizza cravings in London, we have compiled a list of the top 5 favourite pizzerias of the city. Visit them all and decide who takes the crown for best pizzeria yourself.

1. Pizza Pilgrims

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Image via https://www.pizzapilgrims.co.uk/venues/soho/

It’s called Pizza Pilgrims because the founders took a pilgrimage around Italy discovering authentic Italian flavours, techniques and secrets to a good pizza. They arrived at the conclusion that nothing beats a Neapolitan Pizza and that is the exact flavour they wanted to recreate for people of London. 8 years on, they have opened 9 branches across London and have also expanded to Oxford. Check out their most highly rated outlet on Dean Street, Soho and order one of their famous Truffle Pizza or Pizza Margarita. Cost for two will average at £25.

2. Franco Manca

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Image via https://www.francomanca.co.uk/restaurants/ealing/

Hands down the best sourdough pizza out there in the city. They have 21 outlets in London, so look up the one closest to you and order their popular pies or something off the daily specials menu. They also offer vegan & gluten free options at all their eateries – including natural, organic, vegan wines. Cost for two is about £25, and each of their pies are individual portions. 

3. Santa Maria

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Image via https://www.santamariapizzeria.com/#prettyPhoto[pp_gal]/0/

Started as a small pizzeria in Ealing, Santa Maria has gained a loyal following and is now also open in 2 other London locations. They serve authentic Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood fired oven imported from Italy, using only San Marzano tomato sauce DOP and artisanal fiordilatte from Campania, with vegan and gluten free options available. A Santa Margherita pie will cost you a little under £7.

4. Pizza Union

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Image via https://www.pizzaunion.com

Pizza Union is a Italian pizza bar serving Roman style fire-baked, thin & crispy pizzas – superfast! Their menu features tons of toppings-combination, with a good variety for vegetarians as well. Not only are they super prompt with their service, Pizza Union is also quite pocket friendly with cost for two being just around £15.  You can find this pizza bar at four locations in London: Aldgate, Dalston, King’s Cross and Spitalfields. 

5. Homeslice

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Image via http://www.homeslicepizza.co.uk

Homeslice started off as a hand built mobile wood fired oven – serving at popular markets and festivals. They gained so much attention and love for their pizza, that in 2013 they finally opened up a permanent place at Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden. Since then, 5 other outlets have opened up across London, and they continue growing their fanbase with each new opening. Besides the classic recipes, they also offer some unique signature creations. Their 20” pizzas can be ordered whole or by the slice, and cost for two generally averages at £30.


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