The Tourist’s Guide to British Gastronomy: 11 Things to Taste When in the UK

1. Fish & Chips

The classic food of the Brits – fish and chips is a dish as simple as its name suggests. It consists of fish fried in batter and served hot with fresh potato chips (or fries, as the rest of the world likes to call them).

2. Full English Breakfast

One cannot visit the UK and not treat yourself to a traditional Full English Breakfast. It often consists of bacon, eggs (fried, poached or scrambled), fried or grilled tomatoes & mushroom, bangers (sausages), buttered toast, black pudding, bubble & squeak and baked beans – all of this served with a mug of good ol’ tea.

3. Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs are a popular picnic snack in the UK, so if you’re heading to spend the evening at Hyde Park make sure to pack this local favourite. Scotch Eggs are essentially hard or soft boiled eggs that have been covered in meat and bread crumbs before being deep-fried to perfection.

4. Sunday Roast

Everyone likes to enjoy a hearty scrumptious meal on the weekend, and the UK is no different. A traditional Sunday Roast will consist of roast beef and roast potatoes accompanied by other vegetables, stuffing and Yorkshire pudding. You’re likely to find this on the menu at a pub near you!

5. Pie & Mash

Pie & Mash is as basic (and as delicious) as the name suggests. A simple cold waster pastry stuffed with minced meat and served alongside mashed potatoes and parsley sauce. Certain Pie & Mash stores will also offer jellied eels on the side, so look out for those.

6. Bangers and Mash

An alternative to Pie & Mash is Bangers and Mash – consisting of sausages and mashed potatoes, served at times with onion gravy and peas.

7. Toad in the Hole

The Brits do like to name their food in the most straightforward way as possible – in this case, they just called it exactly what it looks like. This dish is prepared with sausages baked in Yorkshire pudding batter and served with onion gravy and vegetables.

8. Bubble and Squeak

You may have spotted this dish served in the English Breakfast, but what exactly is a ‘Bubble and Squeak’ and why is it so called? Essentially speaking, this particular dish is simply all the leftover veggies from previous meals, combined with boiled potatoes and shallow fried. Bubble and Squeak refer to the sounds that are made while the dish is frying.

9. Yorkshire Pudding

Do not confuse this item for a dessert just because it’s called pudding. This popular side dish is prepared by baking a batter of eggs, flour and milk. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any British meal.

10. Sticky Toffee Pudding

This classic British dessert consists of an incredibly moist cake, topped generously with toffee sauce and served with a dollop of vanilla custard on the side.

11. Spotted Dick

Despite the unfortunate name, this is a British dessert you got to try. It resembles a sponge cake, but is actually pudding, made out of suet and dried fruit, often served alongside custard.

5 Restaurants Where Milan Loves To Eat

If you’re confused as to which food tour to take while visiting Milan, then here’s one you can embark on independently. Navigate around the city by visiting the top restaurants frequented by the locals, and gorge on some of Milan’s most popular dishes. We’ve picked out the 5 best restaurants in Milan that are a must visit.

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1. Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

5 restaurants where milan loves to eat 5 Restaurants Where Milan Loves To Eat progetto 03 1024x683

This rustic fine dining experience is brought to you by Michelin starred Chef Carlo Cracco and art director Tanja Solci. Set in an historic sawmill, everything about this restaurant is an artistic stroke – the location, the interiors and of course, the food. This spacious high ceilinged restaurant, is run by Neapolitan Chef Luca Pedata who brings a fresh perspective to traditional Italian gastronomy. The offerings are seasonal, changing 4 times a year.

With both an indoor and an outdoor setting. Carlo e Camilla is only open for daily dinners and Sunday lunch and is on the expensive side, with dinner for two coming up to roughly 120.

2. Pizza Am

5 restaurants where milan loves to eat 5 Restaurants Where Milan Loves To Eat unnamed

We’ll keep this one simple: Pizza Am is hands down the best pizza in the city. An absolute favorite amongst locals, there’s usually a long waiting queue, but if the owner’s around you’re likely to be treated to a complimentary drink and nibbles while you wait. Vegetarians can rejoice, as the entire menu is meat-free, yet offering a decent variety. The cozy pizzeria is the perfect place for a midweek pizza date, with cost for two being €30 on an average.

3. La Dogana del Buongusto

5 restaurants where milan loves to eat 5 Restaurants Where Milan Loves To Eat la dogana del buongusto ristorante 1024x369

Located in downtown Milan, this restaurant and winery is a hidden gem that offers Lombardy cuisine along with wine tastings. This is the place you go to if you are in mood for some traditional dishes such as Milanese Risotto or Cotoletta (breaded veal cutlet). Their expert sommeliers will happily guide you through their expansive wine selection and help you pair it with cured meats, cheese and other delicacies. Lunch for two at La Dogana del Buongusto will cost you €40 whereas dinner for two will cost upto €70.

4. Erba Brusca

5 restaurants where milan loves to eat 5 Restaurants Where Milan Loves To Eat unnamed 1

Run by Chef Alice Delcourt, the Erba Brusca ristorante prides itself on using only the freshest of ingredients, sourced primarily from its own kitchen garden along with carefully selected local producers. This little green restaurant is known for its outdoor seating, especially during the summers when guests love to come in large groups. Cost for two is approximately €70.

5. Trippa

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Trippa is a traditional style trattoria run by Chef Diego Rossi, offering daily specialities depending on the seasonal availability of produce. The open style kitchen will allow you to watch as your dishes are prepared with immaculate finesse. The simple furnishings make for an intimate and homely ambience, whereas the friendly staff will gladly help you pick out the best dishes and wine. A meal for two will set you back €50.

3 High-End Food Experiences Worth Investing in Milan

Milan will never fail to take you by surprise when it comes to offering distinctive experiences. While there’s a lot you can do in the city on a budget, there are also quite a few experiences that tip the scales over onto the expensive side. It may not be possible to try all of them, but here’s our list of 3 high-end food experiences that will be totally worth your buck.

1. Enjoy a culturally rich dinner at a Milanese museum

If are have fascination with discovering local culture, and the history behind it, it’s likely you will visit some renowned museums of Milan. While on your culture trip, it is worth experiencing a unique dining experiences within the walls of these museums. One of the museums that offers such an immersive affair is the Mudec – the Museum of Cultures.

Two Michelin star Chef Enrico Bartolini, offers ‘Contemporary Classic’ taste at his restaurant located on the third floor of Mudec. Make a reservation in advance and be prepared to shell out €200 for a food experience you will never forget!
3 high-end food experiences worth investing in milan 3 High-End Food Experiences Worth Investing in Milan mudecbartolini1a 1024x334

2. Attend a Food Festival

Milan is host to a variety of eminent festivals be it fashion, film or food. Taste of Milano, a favorite amongst the locals is dedicated to Michelin Starred Chefs. This annual event takes place in May, and offers high end cuisine with food tastings, cooking shows and masterclasses. This festival is a great way of treating yourself to some extraordinary food prepared by these talented chefs at a reasonable price. Tickets to the festival are priced at €16 usually (excluding any food charges).
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3. Indulge in a meal with a view

There’s definitely something magical about eating  whilst you overlook the entire city, and what better way to wait for your meal that to get lost in an enchanting view? Milan sets the bar high and offers quite a few restaurants you can choose from to indulge in a meal with a view. A local favorite, fairly new on the scene is Ceresio 7 Pools & Restaurant. Located on top of Enel Building, the venue presents panoramic views of the city’s skyline. Dinner for two will chime in at roughly €140.

Another option would be yet another restaurant housed in the premises of a Museum. Terrazza Triennale – Osteria con Vista, housed on the terrace of La Triennale di Milano, overlooks the Sempione park and makes for a perfect date night venue with dinner for two costing approximately €100.
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