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Kids Cooking Classes

Our online cooking classes are designed for kids to express themselves through cooking and having fun giggling with other kid chefs. They will also learn essential life skills and build their self-confidence. Book your kid a place today!

For Kids SWEAT EAT PLAY REPEAT Halloween kids class 8

Kids teaching kids: chocolate chip cookies class

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Pasta Making Class for Kids

Pasta making workshops are super entertaining for kids and adults, but are also a great way to introduce kids to healthy and tasty food.
For Kids SWEAT EAT PLAY REPEAT Halloween kids class 11 682x1024

Muffins & Frenchie Mac and Cheese Cooking Classes with Chef Fatima Djitte

I am from Senegal, west Africa but was born and raised in Paris, from a family of 9 children, cooking has always played an important part of my life, at the age of 11 started cooking at least twice a week for the whole family with lots of African and French influences, then moved to the UK 10 years ago and fell In love with London, i can’t say it’s the weather​


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Paccheri Gorgonzola & Spinach