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  Description Privé presents you Food Fellas in an amazing location in Corso Venezia, Milano. Join us in this specially curated “by invitation only” event for you to enjoy the culinary excellence of Food Fellas with a great selection of wine from our select sources in a chic setting. APERITIVO / FINGER FOOD: 3 portate finger food APERITIVO / TOSTATE: 2 portate tostate-bruschette CENA / PIATTO CALDO: Risotto servito al piatto CENA / DESSERT: 1 portata finger food dolce DRINK DI BENVENUTO: 2 drink Punch per ogni invitato ALCOLICI: Bolle, vino biano o rosso aromatizzato ANALCOLICI: Acque Aromatizzate (Agrumi, Zenzero, Cannella, Menta…) APERITIVE / FINGER FOOD: 3-course finger food APERITIVE / TOASTED: 2 courses toasted-bruschetta DINNER / HOT PLATE: Risotto served at the plate DINNER / DESSERT: 1 sweet finger food course WELCOME DRINK: 2 Punch drinks for each guest ALCOHOL: bubbles, White wine or flavoured red wine ALCOHOLIC: Flavoured Waters (Citrus, Ginger, Cinnamon, Mint …)

  Extra Facilities

  • Air Conditioned
  • Smoking Area
  • Speak English
  • WiFi

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