5 Essential food tours to sign up for in London

Are you visiting London this summer? We’re sure you’ve got your itinerary planned with the must-see sights, top shopping destinations and best photo ops in London. We highly recommend that one of the activities on your list be to sign up for a few food tours, and here’s our collection of the 5 essential tours you should consider signing up for.

1. The Great British Food Tour

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Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/food-fish-chips-fish-and-chips-3687804/

We’ve always advocated that one of the best ways to educate yourself about a new city and its culture is via its local food. Sign up for one of the many tours available, some secret and some not so much, that will allow you close to 3 hours to simply immerse yourself in British food culture and introduce you to best places to grab some local grub.

Alternatively, check The Tourist’s Guide British Gastronomy by food.social and begin your own hunt.

2. Soho Food Tours

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Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/asian-food-dimsum-cuisine-chinese-2090943/

Soho is one of the most happening neighbourhoods of Central Londo, and if you’re a visitor then chances are that you will be spending a substantial time in this area. As you take in all the sights and sounds, it’s also important to take in all flavours that Soho has to offer. Look up Tastes of Soho, book your tour and embark on an afternoon food and cultural walking tour. Discover the international cuisine influenced by the multicultural population of the city and feel like a total Soho-pro by the end of it. Prices start at £39. 

Alternatively, you can browse through our London food guide for top restaurants in every neighbourhood. 

4. 3 Markets Food Tour

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Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/paella-food-borough-market-london-678710/

A day out in the markets is incomplete without indulging in some kickass street food. Sign up for a guided tour of 3 popular markets – Borough, Leadenhall and Spitalfields – offering some of the best shopping as well as food deals. On this walking tour you will taste samples of both British and International cuisine, learn about culinary influences and learn why London is one of the greatest food destinations in the world.

Alternatively, take a look at our compilation of top 10 places to eat at in  London.

4. Vegan Food Tour

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Vegans need not cross out food tours from their to-do list, as London has something for everyone. And in the case of vegans, there’s a thriving and vibrant scene to explore. Starting off on Old Street in Shoreditch, the vegan food tour will let you try generous samples from top vegan eateries in London. You will also get to learn about Shoreditch’s history and get some cultural insights from the guide on your walking tour. 

Alternatively, check out our compilation of the best vegetarian & vegan fare around London.

5. Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

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Image via: https://pixabay.com/photos/ice-ice-cream-milk-ice-cream-waffle-2367072/

End your food tour journey with on a sweet note and sign up for one of the popular dessert tours run by Chocolate Ecstasy Tours. Their walking tours are the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth in some of the best treats London has to offer – be it chocolate, ice-cream or some good old traditional sweets. Tours start at £43 per person and make for the perfect outing irrespective of whether you’re travelling solo, with your partner, friends or the entire family!

Alternatively, you can also check out our top 7 picks for ice-cream parlours in London.

London’s Top Food Trucks Worth Chasing

Aren’t food trucks just amazing? It’s literally fast food on the move with straight forward menus, quick service and more often than not – bang on flavours. It’s the most efficient way of selling and eating food, especially when at food markets and festivals. Here’s our compilation of top food trucks that are worth chasing around town.

1. The Cheese Truck

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Image via https://www.facebook.com/thecheesetruck/photos/a.732963403380564/1321284677881764/?type=1&theater

This no frills food truck is what you need to chase down if you’re in the mood for a ridiculously cheesy grilled cheese sandwich. Their aim is to show people just how amazing British cheese is and they do so quite successfully by melting locally sourced cheeses combined with artisanal breads. Popularly found at Maltby Street Market the truck travels a lot and you easily find their location via their social media. 

2. Rainbo

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Image via https://www.facebook.com/rainbofood/photos/a.925365827602161/1385638518241554/?type=3&theater

Who says food truck food cannot be healthy? Rainbo, inspired by Tokyo serves delicious and nutritious Japanese street food. Their dishes are not colorful, vibrant and tasty, but they’re actually good for you. They can be easily found at popular food markets and festivals, but to find out where you can grab them delish Gyoza dumplings follow their social media for updates.

3. Anna Mae’s

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Image via https://www.facebook.com/AnnaMaes.Streetfood/photos/a.166275580087569/1926782367370206/?type=3&theater

They call themselves London’s original crack mac dealers – and it’s only fitting because Anna Mae’s food truck deals in only the most gooey and delicious mac & cheese in London. Having travelled around multiple festivals and shortlisted for multiple street food awards, Anna Mae’s has gathered a loyal following of customers. Due to the popularity of their exceptional recipes, Anna Mae’s has also released an exclusive cookbook. Follow their trail via their social media.

4. Mother Clucker

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Image via https://www.instagram.com/p/Bye-me3D4_E/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Lovers of fried chicken, this is the truck you want to chase down. Mother Clucker serves tea brined, buttermilk soaked, twice batter-fried chicken – making it truly the mother of fried chicken in London. Their truck moves around, but it’s usual haunt is at Elys Yard at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.

5. Luardos

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Image via https://www.instagram.com/p/BygNSYaHEw0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Given the ease of compiling Mexican fare, it seems like the most natural choice for a food truck. Serving since 2007, the original Luardos truck can be found parked at Whitecross Market whereas their second truck is usually on festival rounds and available for hire. They specialize in all the Mexican classics – burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos and a whole host of canapes.

6. Jhalmuri Express

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Image via https://twitter.com/jhalmuriexpress/status/1045717346189488130?s=20

As the legend goes, years ago Chef Angus Duncan made a random stop at Calcutta (now Kolkata), and fell instantly in love with Bengali culture. He kept returning to reinforce his love for Bengali food, and in particular the street food also known as chaat. And now he travels around London spreading his love for Bengali chaat through his humble pushcart, sometimes van, the Jhalmuri Express. Decked in colourful signages & garlands as inspired from street food vendors in Bengal, Angus’s van serves Indian flavours like no other. Follow his twitter @jhalmuriexpress to follow his trail!

11 Romantic Restaurants for Date Night in London

Are you looking for that perfect venue to impress someone on a first date? Or perhaps you want to celebrate a relationship milestone? But does love really need a reason to be celebrated? We’ve picked out some of the top spots to have an intimate and romantic evening with your significant other. 

1. Le Pont de La Tour

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Image via https://www.facebook.com/LePontdelaTour/photos/a.225435204135030/1564512336893970/?type=1&theater

We have only four words for this one: LOOK. AT. THAT. VIEW!

Le Pont de La Tour in Bermondsey makes the perfect spot to cuddle with your date on a cool evening, and what’s more is that the first thing on the menu is a classic aphrodisiac – oysters! Need we say more? 

2. Clos Maggiore

11 romantic restaurants for date night in london 11 Romantic Restaurants for Date Night in London HaENEnrPRC7Xmkc5ViyJ8q9tuc Slk3NiuHbImfmJAljU44bb48tjUh7JiKgK2kBDd0m32d6WTWuDzKn7Oktrsr TYBzlfnwRjQFNto 47hcGYPZjgcbq4j0cMRE3 h1zg
Image via https://www.facebook.com/closmaggiore/photos/a.302126046475495/2209075369113877/?type=3&theater

Clos Maggiore on King Street in Covent Garden has been voted as the world’s most romantic restaurant. Serving French cuisine and seafood and a cozy atmosphere of floral decor and fairy lights there’s plenty of romance to go around at this venue whether you come if for a romantic rendezvous in the afternoon or a date night.

3. Kitty Fisher’s

11 romantic restaurants for date night in london 11 Romantic Restaurants for Date Night in London RRRKviWLbSmud H6xN5lzYHFD1Z16UW5UlL0Xz2aITOlrfDFpdelTmY3bn6SZ1tCWTL isJFVPGHIYD81vT0SE2iiOnOTpnUHgcxBZueNTFQBbNOC35X82zJpRLMZG7w4g
Image via https://www.kittyfishers.com/gallery

The cozy dining room of Kitty Fisher’s can fit barely 10 tables – which lends you the much needed intimacy with your date. The dim lighting and candles will only add to the mood. Not to mention, their delicious food will elevate your date night. Reserve in advance, as it’s difficult to get in last minute at this laid back Mayfair joint. 

4. Hutong

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Image via https://www.facebook.com/HutongLondon/photos/a.132543790274103/290200791175068/?type=3&theater

When in love one often tends to feel like they’re on top of the world – Hutong takes that emotion and brings it to your dining experience on your date night. Located on level 33 of The Shard, Hutong offers killer views of London city, adding sparkle to your romantic night. Besides the spectacular view, you will also feast on some of the best Chinese food in town. 

5. Andrew Edmunds

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Image via http://www.andrewedmunds.com/#

On 46 Lexington Street in Soho you can find Andrew Edmunds, an 18th century townhouse capturing the spirit of ‘old Soho’. Choose this place if old school charm is your thing, and you’re looking for an intimate evening. They have seasonal menus, daily specials and cozy tables set for two that makes for some romantic eye contact and easy conversations. Not to mention their wine list is guaranteed to make you swoon, even if your date doesn’t.

6. Blanchette

11 romantic restaurants for date night in london 11 Romantic Restaurants for Date Night in London  avoIzC3XxovPZNo2MXwg1GVXzvVZy XNceKnBVfFJZl2nRbUD49JhDEKXBaEr1UrPVsPoCdBO3yGVdKcL8lX CNbrRU05GhF7rYiFsJF0spDtUyrVYxfpO0jxlSzc5VWw
Image via https://www.instagram.com/p/BqpPQ8vnalB/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

A French bistro serving simple yet inventive French cuisine, with snug little tables for two makes for a lovely date night venue especially with it’s warm candlelit atmosphere and rustic decor. Located in Soho, a meal for two at Blanchette will cost £35 on an average. 

7. Bob Bob Ricard

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Image via https://bobbobricard.com/

One of the most popular themed restaurants in London, is also a popular choice for date nights – especially when one wants to opt for a fancy evening with their special someone. It has an all booth dining room, and every booth is equipped with a ‘press for champagne’ button. Bob Bob Ricard is located in Soho, serves British and Russian fare, and cost for two is approximately £100.

8. J Sheekey

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Image via https://www.facebook.com/jsheekeyldn/photos/a.385353111556770/1665332836892118/?type=3&theater

Red is a colour that suddenly seems extra pleasing to the eye once you’re in love (or have a date for Valentine’s). At J Sheekey in Covent Garden, there’s plenty of red to surround yourself and your partner with, and with other couples around you you’re sure to feel like love is in the air. Find a cozy corner table, order some oysters and then let the bubbly guide you through the evening. 

9. Rules

11 romantic restaurants for date night in london 11 Romantic Restaurants for Date Night in London iWnGpw0etrlhuxlFp9ePXRDZ2tT8qF6wJy93EU8pWuKtV5IPbG50CZuZwXeOLXD7dGcNBBGGcHSxZj4ifTReypbVTo4sRYj1ESaJqQTHkCj vCZ5E5MngOS3FoJgXUMUlA
Image via https://rules.co.uk/gallery/restaurant/

Add some traditional English charm to your date night by heading to the oldest restaurant in London – which automatically makes it the oldest date spot in the city. Check out Rules (est. 1798) in Covent Garden – they specialize in game cookery, oysters, pies and puddings.

10. Hakkasan

11 romantic restaurants for date night in london 11 Romantic Restaurants for Date Night in London u1zMeQNnM1OwiG8l yV2 XLiBZOYdKmPFlLXjUsVF0zspAnhnFjE38ql0MAF7d lL1admRpF4GVqqqVmR6Q B2J55FggGFOGo3k73KppSSW4hwrFOgdncrws84iU16KiQA
Image via https://www.facebook.com/hakkasanmayfair/photos/a.1654423728175442/1955766001374545/?type=3&theater

Hakkasan in Fitzrovia brings to you modern Cantonese cuisine paired with world-class mixology. For those who want to leave no stone unturned in hyping up their romantic evening, this Michelin starred restaurant is the perfect choice for date night. £120 is the average price for a meal for two.

11. Berners Tavern

11 romantic restaurants for date night in london 11 Romantic Restaurants for Date Night in London rcdEUXdIWI1UiUHbN2eB6CDqqBHG4 Rh2n8hU9w20UcQR8QPG99P2JatSMFL2JT7S4wwdOSEOPpJcZ oy5LonQqJ1hQiYlsUJFeSbfRSLzqnZRg6f26ZSgVmHzxlYzr bg
Image via https://www.facebook.com/BernersTavern/photos/a.734633283240658/1178685442168771/?type=3&theater

The dazzling dining room of Berners Tavern, with plenty of romantic candles and framed art will make for a memorable dining experience, one that your date will rank you highly for. Located in Fitzrovia, the place isn’t just all glitter and no gold. They serve excellent French and British cuisine and the luxury dining will cost you an average of £100 per couple.

10 Brilliant Burgers in London

Disclaimer: The following post may cause some serious burger cravings possibly accompanied by some drool. This effect is wholly intentional, and we hope that by the end of this post you know exactly where to get your burger fix in London.

1. Bleecker St.

10 brilliant burgers in london 10 Brilliant Burgers in London QAP0 ZfieFsBkPYVSgyYmqaN5E1iVQMw9g10a0kZYS 21i0BYc0GgKdC1QsOeGSXj 161dt2I4zei YRyr2TwxE33ap5HkJDwCpvzppxe6VGPXA1yo3Y065Xwg5HMi20yA
Image via https://www.facebook.com/BleeckerBurger/photos/a.455180764494661/2512522648760452/?type=3&theater

Juicy, fatty and meaty patties is what makes Bleecker St. burgers the best in town. Try their famous Bleecker black (double cheeseburger with black pudding), or literally any other burger off their menu and get immersed in a sea of flavours. Found at Spitalfields, Victoria and Bloomberg, Bleecker is super easy on your pocket with meal for two costing roughly £20. 

2. Hawksmoor

10 brilliant burgers in london 10 Brilliant Burgers in London R3R287Yr EGyEU2kruXP3HEff2u58AEwQYfExdSuNueJaWnrSxbvaZoDLcU72O 4L5X8sGYJXcDgwar6gGa3l sjpuSH0GBMQPZxXdbJwHCjweT8Yh850dn4xJguH5Kwbg
Image: https://www.facebook.com/Hawksmoor/photos/a.149218318452379/2991098630930986/?type=3&theater

While some may regard this as a hidden treasure best known only by locals, we’re here to spill the tea – Hawksmoor in Covent Garden serves mighty delicious burgers. If you manage to not get distracted by their brilliant steaks and Sunday Roasts, then order a Hawksmoor Burger made using 100% well-loved British beef by masters of beef themselves. The price, at £17, may seem steep but it’s love at first bite.

3. Honest Burgers

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Image via

Honest Burgers like to stick true to their name, and serving you burgers that are nothing by honestly delectable. With over 15 outlets around the city, you’ll easily find one that’s close to you and in less than £15 enjoy a hearty meal of a burger and beer. Honest Burgers are also a favorite amongst vegetarians for serving the best vegetarian burger in London.

4. Patty & Bun

10 brilliant burgers in london 10 Brilliant Burgers in London Um9bSWekXpcK4lL27PI oCbKUDC1QqEbJS6uata aw9nvi60Berkt7vKTmNW0oItKLDWISaWV1m0pGiPuZDDw4Z eLptlXB5Rtyhx4uqcE4Z6gU395o d QGJLGDyDh0kg
Image via: https://www.facebook.com/PattyandBun/photos/a.263928313655884/2196172337098129/?type=3&theater

Patty & Bun at Marylebone (or 4 other outlets) has a burger called Ari Gold – first on the menu so you don’t have to look further – which would totally win a gold medal were there an Olympics for Burgers. We highly recommend investing in this gold which is priced at £8.75. Most of the burgers on their menu can be requested in a veggie version as well.

5. Mac & Wild

10 brilliant burgers in london 10 Brilliant Burgers in London ojqLgz11e1AaIgIds  cl8hhEHJpm8Zijl1R8FwSZmjYtE3TwikpHaY0ZroYjx8K5IGZPqT9awYEAul B1ogG3kNBxhmZn7KQwPARONqsxjR4XX0HlRyEgNo81JwOZ120g
Image via: https://www.facebook.com/macandwild/photos/a.1548341571883004/2420506811333138/?type=3&theater

Their Veni-moo burger has won the award for best burger in London in 2016. Three years on, it still ranks as a favorite amongst burger enthusiasts in the city and is worth £14.5 for the rich venison patty burger topped with candied bacon. You can find Mac & Wild at Fitzrovia on Great Titchfield Street. 

6. Burger & Lobster

10 brilliant burgers in london 10 Brilliant Burgers in London  OqmSOesCxGxm56sKTXXNkTb0bAtTBttC4EPqkGQs2sBXKZwBbRIlDtOdk29jZRXp5wtv7iZQnVN8rekVNEHnr0QqhoiHSvu2p17wf90I3 9W2ziEIu5dsV3u8UW2Kasug
Image via: https://www.facebook.com/burgerandlobster/photos/a.730387457035936/2778894615518533/?type=3&theater

This restaurant serves two main things, and there’s no points for guessing what they are. Their no-nonsense approach means their entire focus is on serving the best burger and the best lobster experience. Check them out in Soho or any of their other 8 locations and splurge on everything on their menu to enter a food coma.

7. Dip & Flip

10 brilliant burgers in london 10 Brilliant Burgers in London  V9uQYvDfFxDrj7IFdVPIdZ1hvA4oBI8odgVaKLRe0UhIFB4KyMeSQctNolaXADxvS4RZ2dYyWifgZrSFcg0419tlPskCAaIwsO6 OXAdaOSrotXnnZHm7lRlPV4eW8tvA
Image via https://www.facebook.com/DipandFlip/photos/a.381380718655386/2055309167929191/?type=3&theater

It’s juicy, it’s cheesy, it’s messy, it’s beefy! Most importantly, it’s a burger you don’t want to miss out on. Visit them at Battersea Rise and order their namesake – the Dip & Flip burger – for a gravy topped delight in less than £10.

8. Bar Boulud

10 brilliant burgers in london 10 Brilliant Burgers in London uBOVxWXpkcL AJkSmkE640EbRvXAUkA MUXXPhS q3vF9nrPkOUsbwypa PaW5dwUfmjR7XpHYzWM7Rf2JwTmxT8vzUZoKicVWcWSWcQ9GazStOVydSGPSErUXL2gKiYOA
Image via: https://www.facebook.com/BarBouludLondon/photos/a.3101117206580486/3101117153247158/?type=3&theater

Bar Boulud is exactly the kind of place you want to hit up when you want to have a fancy dinner date but also have a hearty meal rather than skimpy fine dining portions. Located inside the posh Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge, Bar Boulud offers three exquisite burgers ranging from £15 to £25. Not bad of a deal at all if you want to impress a date!

9. Joe Allen

10 brilliant burgers in london 10 Brilliant Burgers in London lCVySayfNHhxICgmhEl8AmUzTahXZzFVP0JyqavSEYI 7 vaVod8wGLc60 vdM2FkvN m5D iUkjpAqibt 4Zt bkH Q6o32tAbnkQxyO3b5d8qTN1LBNGCZskyNxeBmhg
mage via: https://www.facebook.com/JoeAllenWC2/photos/a.597546456943179/2246055418758933/?type=3&theater

Joe Allen doesn’t offer burger – not on it’s menu at least – but those that ask for it are never disappointed. London’s worst kept secret when it comes to burgers, Joe Allen’s secret off-menu burger is probably the most ordered items at their restaurant and has made it to many a burger enthusiasts must-have-burgers list. Find them at Burleigh Street in Covent Garden. 

10. Shake Shack

10 brilliant burgers in london 10 Brilliant Burgers in London A 4sLefEqT7HLk8A5dSIJl79FHWCSx68lmSc 0jddnouqe XsoVTOckaPVrEXIiRt8zKIxgfqMQsYszCLzrxR5r1cd0YwUeeOx40sqrjPlFmF3UPBknbnzyqDgJuNQF aA
Image via: https://www.facebook.com/shakeshackUK/photos/a.450514698364483/2256268657789069/?type=3&theater

Do you know why the above photo shows two burgers instead of just one? Well it’s because at Shake Shack you’d be hard pressed to settle for just one. The famous American chain crossed the pond and brought over it’s delicious range of shack burgers in 2013, and has since then become a local favorite.. Headover to their flagship branch at Market Building in Covent Garden to grab your shack!

The Best Chinese Cooking Class in London

Travelling in London can be difficult, because there is so much going on. But one thing you definitely want to do is explore food in London, because between rooftop restaurants, terrace gardens and cooking classes, there is something for everyone. You should not leave London without indulging in Chinese cuisine, whether it is on the floating restaurant on the Regent’s Park canal, Feng Shang Princess, or from one of Chinatown’s bustling alleys with smells that transport you from Central London to Asia. Soho’s Chinatown is a peak food district in London, an eclectic area which shows what a metropolitan cultural melting pot the big smoke really is. But why not step things up a notch and attend a Chinese cooking class? That way, the flavours you explored in London travel home with you, gracing your kitchens whenever you fancy a bao bun or peking duck.

School of Wok

Contact: 020 7240 8818

Address: 61 Chandos Pl, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4HG

School of Wok in Covent Garden has got more than just a killer pun going for it. It is Europe’s only award-winning Asian and Oriental cooking school, making it the most obvious go-to if you are looking to learn about and explore food in London. Whether you are looking to spend an hour learning the basics of bao buns, or wanting to dedicate the day to learning how to prepare a full-day Chinese banquet meal, School of Wok has you covered.

Prices start at £15 and climb depending on the level of expertise you are looking to acquire and how much time you are willing to spend in their modern, well-stocked kitchens. You can get the insight into dim sum you have always wanted, learn some staples as well as some vegetarian show-stoppers that will elevate your dinner parties to a whole new level. No matter which course you choose to do, booking a School of Wok Chinese cooking class is the first easy step towards taking a piece of Chinese culture home to your kitchen. It really woks.

Le Cordon Bleu “Taste of Asia”

Contact: 020 7400 3900

Address: 15 Bloomsbury Square, Holborn, London WC1A 2LS

Anyone with a passion for fine dining and an aptitude for cooking will have heard or even dreamed of attending Le Cordon Bleu Cookery School in Holborn. This internationally recognised gastronomical establishment was once a noble tribute to the world of French cuisine, and now offers such a diverse selection of multi-ethnic courses that the name holds immense culinary weight across most cuisines.

Their Chinese Tastes of Asia course is a prime example of this culinary variety, proffering trade secrets of well-loved Chinese dishes. It covers the fundamental pillars of Chinese cuisine, including everything involved in creating a mouth-watering peking duck: from preparing, poaching and drying the bird to glazing, roasting and devouring its tender flavours with a dreamy hoisin sauce. It delves into the necessity and intricacy of marinades, how to wrap spring rolls to spill-free perfection and how to get noodles at the perfect consistency. Though this may sound daunting, the course is open to all abilities.

The £230 price includes the six hour training session, a branded tea-towel and apron, all the ingredients necessary as well as the equipment you will be using. Though you are encouraged to eat and sample all the delicacies you make, you are also welcome to take things home with you to show off to your family or nibble on leftovers from your hotel suite. But you don’t just take the produce of your hard work home and when the leftovers are finished, you will still have skills that will serve you a lifetime!

London Cookery School

Contact: 07756 289779

Address: 296 Holloway Rd, London N7 6NJ

This culinary hotspot in Holloway is a haven for anyone interested in learning how to become masters of food. But one of their specialties and most popular courses is their dim sum class, where attendees can learn how to make these small-plate Chinese favourites. For only £45, these little taste sensations could be one of the go-to meals you make for your friends and family. The teachers are not just there to tell you what to chop and which spices to use – though that is certainly a handy part of the process! They are there to help you learn and understand the flavours and the process, so that you are able to adapt the recipes and techniques to suit your own kitchen. You will learn not only how to make them in their specified shapes, but also get a bit of an insight into the cultural significance and relevance of those shapes.

This is not exclusively a way to explore food in London, but a course that shows you how to transfer those skills into your everday life and enjoy them forever.

The Avenue Cookery School

Contact: 020 8874 7623

Address: 3 Enterprise Way, London SW18 1FZ

While School of Wok and Le Cordon Bleu offer courses with a range of items in Chinese cuisine, London Cookery School and The Avenue Cookery School is where you want to be heading if you have got a specific Chinese dish in mind. For London Cookery School, it is their dim sum class you want to b-line for. Whereas, The Avenue Cookery School is the end goal if you want to learn how to recreate delicious bao buns. Often eaten as a lighter meal or starter, bao buns originate in the Fuzhou region of China.

Depending on the class you pick – there are a couple to choose from, all dedicated to bao buns – you can get all sorts of packages. Some include dinner and bottomless drinks, and some are quick crash courses, but they all send you home with a brain full of technique and a bag full of buns. What’s there not to love about that? Vegetarians are welcome and upon prior request can be catered for. Just know this: you will leave with a newfound obsession with bao buns but it is worth the risk.

There you have it – a simple formula for food-based success: head to London and book a Chinese cooking course. Though the experience will come to an end, you will reap the benefits of the time and effort you put into these courses every time you open to fridge and wonder what you will make for dinner.

Soho’s Fresh Pasta Hotspot Could Double Up in Central London

If you never heard of Pastaio in Soho, now’s the time because a second of Stevie Parle’s fresh pasta restaurants may very well be in the pipeline for an opening in the very near future.

This current hotspot looks like it’s going to be doubling up on James Street in Marylebone, where the premises license is said to have Stevie Parle’s name on it. The license is still not fully confirmed however, and despite the name Pastaio being clearly written on the licensing act, Stevie Parle refuses to let us in on anything. There is said to have been a mix-up with the wording…

The celebrated chef and restaurateur, who owns Rotorino, Craft London and Palatino, opened his popular fresh pasta, no reservations restaurant Pastaio back in 2007. His success has gone a long way from there. In 2010 he acquired the title of Young Chef of the Year, and later formed Stevie Parle’s Restaurants, with business partner Liam Nelson in 2014.

Stevie Parle earned his success with merit, having worked in his early ages in some of the great restaurants of the world and travelled extensively across Europe, the Middle East and Asia to inspire his cooking. The result is five running restaurants within London each performing extremely well.

Pastaio, is casual, communal, vibrant and colorful, featuring a back wall which is enhanced by an eye-catching wall mural by artist supermundane. Customers are welcomed by large tables suited to fit several different parties at a time to encourage socializing. The main attraction to this venue however is very clearly the food. Handmade, fresh, good quality, simple and affordable are what characterizes each and every dish. Stevie Parle has definitely mastered the art of keeping things simple, as his restaurant is constantly overflowing with customers.

Renowned Chef Announces New Restaurant Off Old Street

What was once a young Irish Restaurant & Bar named Nuala, will reopen as Daffodil Mulligan just off bustling Old Street, in as little as one month.

Nuala closed down at the end of 2018 after a short, seemingly successful year of business. The press and the public were quite favourable to its assemblage of fine and natural wines, use of responsible agriculture, and it’s smoked beef tartare with egg yolk and cheddar cheese. But when chef Davidson left the business just four months into its operations, things went downhill from there.

Taking over is widely acclaimed Irish chef, Richard Corrigan. Throughout his career, Corrigan has scored Michelin stars at three of his restaurants, was awarded London Restaurant of the Year four times, and won Great British Menu three times. This all sounds very promising for the future and success of the restaurant. To further the excitement, Corrigan tweeted: “There is a great team being assembled, john Nugent front of house, Tony Gibney on bar from malahide ireland’s legendary bar, myself at the fire pit with help, Peter Milken founder of kings place and its musical brilliance will catalogue the musical offering”.

If you’re wondering about the name, Daffodil Mulligan is the name of the Daughter of a legendary Irish street seller who was immortalised in well-known Irish folk songs. The name is indeed fitting to the theme of the restaurant but also intentionally references the previous restaurants name, Nuala.

In terms of the food, Chef Corrigan will be using ingredients from his own farm at his Virginia Lodge Estate in Ireland, keeping the menu fresh, seasonal, local and truly Irish. There’s also some talk of the menu emphasizing on Coastal influence.

Basically, if you’re looking to explore food in London, look no further than this little gem coming out soon. With Richards previous position as a Judge on the Great British Menu, his experience cooking for the queen and his unstoppable passion for the world of food since he was young, Daffodil Mulligan is sure to please the crowds!

If you’re too eager to wait, or simply curious to test out the chef’s said talent, Bentley’s Oyster and Seafood Bar just off Piccadilly and Corrigan’s Mayfair are two of the chefs already existing restaurants which put just as much emphasis on the Irish taste as Daffodil will.

The 10 BEST restaurants and places to eat in London

For anyone who enjoys eating out, London is just about one of the best cities you can be in to quench your thirst for new, unique and delicious foods. The city offers such an enormous variety of different cuisines, for any budget and any taste. London restaurants will not disappoint. The amount of choice can be seriously overwhelming though, so we did the research for you and came up with what we believe to be the 10 best restaurants and places to eat in London.

We broke it down by category to allow you to skip straight to the kind of experience you’re aiming to have. Alternatively, you can decide to start a little London food tour with this list, because even here, the choice may be hard.

1. Most unique: Archipelago

Come here, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to take your taste buds on a spin. This restaurant aims at being extremely unique, serving items à la fois inspired by the world and its different cuisines, as well as impossible to find anywhere other than in this very spot. From crocodiles and crickets, to kangaroo skewers and Zebra jerky, you will not be disappointed by the variety. The flavorful menu comes combined with a richly decorated interior to transport you far away from London city for the evening.

2. Best british – Battersea Pie Station

It doesn’t get more simple than Battersea Pie station, and if simple doesn’t sound good to you, think twice. This restaurant has one goal which is to master the British pie and mash speciality at a very affordable price, and they do such a good job at it. If you want to discover what is truly authentic British food, this is the one place you need to go. They source all possible ingredients locally, and use only free-range meat and fresh vegetables.

3. Most budget-friendly – Tokyo Diner

The idea that Japanese and expensive go together is proven very wrong with this well established Japanese diner. The place stands out by its personality which is bluntly honest and oh so true to itself. Here you’ll find a menu with the most reasonable prices for Japanese cuisine outside Japan. Every menu item is crafted by a Japanese chef who takes his cuisine and the environment very seriously.

The restaurant does everything possible to succeed in its business without damaging the environment, which is why you will not find any tuna on the menu, despite its large popularity in Japan. So if you like Japanese food (I mean who doesn’t?), then head on over for a real treat.

restaurants-in-london-UK the 10 best restaurants and places to eat in london The 10 BEST restaurants and places to eat in London restaurants in london UK

4. Hottest Pop-up: SEO Kitchen at Tate Modern

From July 2019 to January 2020, Tate Eats is collaborating with Olafur Eliasson to create a setting inspired by Olafurs art and echoing his popular kitchen in Berlin. The menu will rotate according to the different seasons in order to provide local, seasonal, organic and fully vegetarian dishes. To expand on the experience, workshops and discussions surrounding the topics of sustainability and community will be held throughout the pop-ups presence at Tate Modern. Make sure you don’t miss out on this trendy Pop-up!

5. Best vegan and vegetarian: Farmacy

Farmacy is a plant-based restaurant that grows, makes and serves everything organically and biodynamically to introduce each customer to a conscious way of eating. Here, not only will your food taste amazing and true to its own nature, the interior decor will contribute to the restorative and rebalancing healing feelings you’ll experience after a meal here. Indeed, the name says it all. Farmacy is a restaurant that has understood that eating can restore both us and our world, communicating that perfectly through its cuisine.

6. Best new restaurant: Circolo populare

This new hotspot is like a little Sicily in the heart of London. You’ll enter and find yourself surrounded by walls lined with thousands of different spirits, ceilings covered with plants, and the entirety lit up by little fairy lights. Every dish is homemade and inspired by the precise region of Sicily, differing from the usual Italian restaurant with dishes like Seppie e Limone (Cuttlefish marinated with garlic and orange zest) and Orlando Blue pizza (featuring Fior di Latte, Peach, Lavender, Speck and Gorgonzola). This restaurant has been popular since its debut for good reason.

7. Best dinner party restaurant: Wahaca

Rarely have I ever heard someone tell me they don’t like Peruvian cuisine, and for those who hesitate when I ask, it’s because they have never tried it before. This seems to make a good recipe for a dinner party, since Peruvian style cuisine is extremely trendy at the moment and hard to dislike. At this restaurant, the price tag keeps everyone happy. Okay, so what about the food itself? The menu here is created around UK’s best available ingredients to create a taste that won’t disappoint. Finally the concept itself revolves around sharing dishes, so what are you waiting for. Gather up your close friends and invite them to a dinner they won’t be forgetting in the near future.

8. Best date restaurant: Tozino

This little place located just under the railway arches of Maltby street in Bermondsey is a secret diner known by a select few. The small size, authentic vibes and excellent wine menu is perfect for a date to keep things intimate. And what pairs better with good wine than hand-carved Jamon Spanish style? Go ahead and try this one out, at least you know that if the date doesn’t work out, you didn’t break the bank.

restaurants-london-uk the 10 best restaurants and places to eat in london The 10 BEST restaurants and places to eat in London restaurants london uk

9. Best view restaurant: Helix at The Gherkin

For a good view of London, look no further than Helix at The Gherkin. This flawless restaurant located on the 39th floor of the Gherkin features a 360° view with its ceiling covered in windows. The decor is a combination of London’s famous skyscrapers and a kaleidoscope composition of elegant floral garlands. The menu is composed of modern British seasonal dishes to complete the London sensory experience.

10. Booziest brunch restaurant: Ping Pong

Located in the heart of Soho, this boozy brunch restaurant offers so much more than the usual Sunday brunch. This place is offering you Dim Sum with free-flowing cocktails mixed in with some good DJs. Celebrate your Sunday dancing to Funk/soul, House or Pop music,dim sum at hand. Can you think of a better way to spend the last day of the weekend?

What food will my host family cook?

Homestays are usually an excellent alternative to staying in hotels and even airbnbs when travelling. They offer many benefits that go beyond simply saving on cash. They allow you to meet locals, understand their culture and get insider tips on the hot attractions around. Homestays essentially offer a much more authentic experience to your travels.

They can however be a bit daunting, since discovering a new culture is great but homestays ultimately require you to adapt at least a little to this newly discovered culture. One of the main concerns is what meals you’ll be served, and let’s face it, England isn’t exactly popular for its cuisine. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. British like to eat a lot of potatoes cooked in all sorts of different ways. Their meals tend to be based around beef, lamb, pork, chicken or fish accompanied by different styles of potato dishes and vegetables.

Some signature dishes you can expect include the following: Bangers and mash (a pork sausage dish with mashed potatoes on the side), jacket potato (a large sized potato baked in the oven and filled with various fillings such as tuna and mayonnaise, cheddar or cottage cheese, etc), shepherds pie (meat pie topped with mashed potato), fish and chips, and the famous sunday roasts with vegetables and gravy.

The british don’t only cook national specialties at home, you may be served a pasta dish, lasagna, pizza or a plate of curry among other possibilities. Don’t expect all your meals to be home cooked from scratch. You can expect some take-away food or readily made, heated up food from time to time as the brits aren’t usually very keen on spending a lot of time in the kitchen. You may even get to eat out with your local host to try out one of the many restaurant options in the city.

For breakfast you will most likely be served continental breakfast; generally consisting of toast, a variety of jams, and fruit. Another popular british breakfast is porridge topped either with sugar, fruit, milk, cream and other flavorings. The british do love their full english breakfast, which you may be lucky to come across for brunch one day. This dish features sausages (known as bangers), bacon, baked beans, fried, poached or scrambled eggs, fried tomatoes, mushrooms and toast. It is in fact one of the most internationally recognized dish from England, easily found on breakfast menus all over the world.

One last element to british culture you should know is that the brits love their tea. You will most likely be offered the English Breakfast Tea in the morning, Earl Grey for afternoon tea and a herbal tea in the evening. Don’t be surprised if they include milk in their tea, this is another staple feature to how England distinguishes itself from its neighboring European countries.

All in all, you will not be left hungry in a british household and you may even discover some new ways of doing things which you will find yourself adopting even after returning home. England is very unique so expect to have a lot of fun discovering all the ins and outs of its culture.

More U.K. Supermarkets Sign Ambiguous Government Pledge to Waste Less Food

Today, sustainability is more important than ever. If we were to continue in the way we operate our world today, by year 2030 we would need two worlds to sustain our lifestyle. As much as there is talk about the emergency of the situation that we are in, current efforts are not enough and the different nations across the world are pressured to take stronger measures.

With a current food waste worth 10.8 billion british Pounds per year, the UK has started to focus sustainability efforts towards the food industry. Some of the industry’s biggest players, including Aldi, Co-op, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Starbucks, Tesco, M&S, and Waitrose, have signed a pledge to drastically reduce their food waste by year 2030, in response to the Governments call-to-action. The main effort will go towards cutting the current 20 billion worth of food waste by half. Further efforts planned for these companies include food surplus and waste reportings, as well as excess food redistribution.

Environmental Secretary Michael Grove commented: “I am delighted to see so many UK food businesses commit to game-changing action to cut food waste, and I hope that others follow suit.”

This is indeed a game-changing plan, highlighting necessary improvements along the food supply chain among many other issues. However, the entire extent of the pledge and its conditions remain somewhat opaque. All we know for now is that supermarkets involved in this program are each expected to:

food-in-bin more u.k. supermarkets sign ambiguous government pledge to waste less food More U.K. Supermarkets Sign Ambiguous Government Pledge to Waste Less Food food in bin
  • “Set an ambitious food waste reduction target, report on progress and prioritise action.”
  • “Embrace a Food Conversation week of action in November 2019 by spearheading activities and engagement with citizens, including the younger generation”, in the aim of raising public awareness.
  • Use “their voice and profile to empower and encourage citizens, including the younger generation.”
  • Change “their habits as an individual to be Food Value Champion at work and at home, buying only what they need and eating what they buy.”

Clearly the pledge is lacking certain specifications. The Government’s Food Surplus and Waste Champion, Ben Elliot, states: “We will be highlighting those who participate and those who do not.”  However, it is unclear as to how one is expected to check whether all terms are being followed through by each business and their stakeholders. For example, there doesn’t seem to be any set measure to check the individual’s efforts towards “buying only what they need and eating what they buy“. Beyond that, no one has mentioned what the consequences are if one of the supermarkets involved fails to comply or meet the terms of the pledge.

It’s one thing for a supermarket to sign, but it’s another thing to actually follow through. Right now, this all just seems too vague. Given the urgency of today’s environmental state, conditions need to be much clearer in order to ensure proper results.

Read more about The Pledge here.