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Renowned Chef Announces New Restaurant Off Old Street

What was once a young Irish Restaurant & Bar named Nuala, will reopen as Daffodil Mulligan just off bustling Old Street, in as little as one month.

Nuala closed down at the end of 2018 after a short, seemingly successful year of business. The press and the public were quite favourable to its assemblage of fine and natural wines, use of responsible agriculture, and it’s smoked beef tartare with egg yolk and cheddar cheese. But when chef Davidson left the business just four months into its operations, things went downhill from there.

Taking over is widely acclaimed Irish chef, Richard Corrigan. Throughout his career, Corrigan has scored Michelin stars at three of his restaurants, was awarded London Restaurant of the Year four times, and won Great British Menu three times. This all sounds very promising for the future and success of the restaurant. To further the excitement, Corrigan tweeted: “There is a great team being assembled, john Nugent front of house, Tony Gibney on bar from malahide ireland’s legendary bar, myself at the fire pit with help, Peter Milken founder of kings place and its musical brilliance will catalogue the musical offering”.

If you’re wondering about the name, Daffodil Mulligan is the name of the Daughter of a legendary Irish street seller who was immortalised in well-known Irish folk songs. The name is indeed fitting to the theme of the restaurant but also intentionally references the previous restaurants name, Nuala.

In terms of the food, Chef Corrigan will be using ingredients from his own farm at his Virginia Lodge Estate in Ireland, keeping the menu fresh, seasonal, local and truly Irish. There’s also some talk of the menu emphasizing on Coastal influence.

Basically, if you’re looking to explore food in London, look no further than this little gem coming out soon. With Richards previous position as a Judge on the Great British Menu, his experience cooking for the queen and his unstoppable passion for the world of food since he was young, Daffodil Mulligan is sure to please the crowds!

If you’re too eager to wait, or simply curious to test out the chef’s said talent, Bentley’s Oyster and Seafood Bar just off Piccadilly and Corrigan’s Mayfair are two of the chefs already existing restaurants which put just as much emphasis on the Irish taste as Daffodil will.


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