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For anyone who enjoys eating out, London is just about one of the best cities you can be in to quench your thirst for new, unique and delicious foods. The city offers such an enormous variety of different cuisines, for any budget and any taste. London restaurants will not disappoint. The amount of choice can be seriously overwhelming though, so we did the research for you and came up with what we believe to be the 10 best restaurants and places to eat in London.

We broke it down by category to allow you to skip straight to the kind of experience you’re aiming to have. Alternatively, you can decide to start a little London food tour with this list, because even here, the choice may be hard.

1. Most unique: Archipelago

Come here, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to take your taste buds on a spin. This restaurant aims at being extremely unique, serving items à la fois inspired by the world and its different cuisines, as well as impossible to find anywhere other than in this very spot. From crocodiles and crickets, to kangaroo skewers and Zebra jerky, you will not be disappointed by the variety. The flavorful menu comes combined with a richly decorated interior to transport you far away from London city for the evening.

2. Best british – Battersea Pie Station

It doesn’t get more simple than Battersea Pie station, and if simple doesn’t sound good to you, think twice. This restaurant has one goal which is to master the British pie and mash speciality at a very affordable price, and they do such a good job at it. If you want to discover what is truly authentic British food, this is the one place you need to go. They source all possible ingredients locally, and use only free-range meat and fresh vegetables.

3. Most budget-friendly – Tokyo Diner

The idea that Japanese and expensive go together is proven very wrong with this well established Japanese diner. The place stands out by its personality which is bluntly honest and oh so true to itself. Here you’ll find a menu with the most reasonable prices for Japanese cuisine outside Japan. Every menu item is crafted by a Japanese chef who takes his cuisine and the environment very seriously.

The restaurant does everything possible to succeed in its business without damaging the environment, which is why you will not find any tuna on the menu, despite its large popularity in Japan. So if you like Japanese food (I mean who doesn’t?), then head on over for a real treat.

restaurants-in-london-UK the 10 best restaurants and places to eat in london The 10 BEST restaurants and places to eat in London restaurants in london UK

4. Hottest Pop-up: SEO Kitchen at Tate Modern

From July 2019 to January 2020, Tate Eats is collaborating with Olafur Eliasson to create a setting inspired by Olafurs art and echoing his popular kitchen in Berlin. The menu will rotate according to the different seasons in order to provide local, seasonal, organic and fully vegetarian dishes. To expand on the experience, workshops and discussions surrounding the topics of sustainability and community will be held throughout the pop-ups presence at Tate Modern. Make sure you don’t miss out on this trendy Pop-up!

5. Best vegan and vegetarian: Farmacy

Farmacy is a plant-based restaurant that grows, makes and serves everything organically and biodynamically to introduce each customer to a conscious way of eating. Here, not only will your food taste amazing and true to its own nature, the interior decor will contribute to the restorative and rebalancing healing feelings you’ll experience after a meal here. Indeed, the name says it all. Farmacy is a restaurant that has understood that eating can restore both us and our world, communicating that perfectly through its cuisine.

6. Best new restaurant: Circolo populare

This new hotspot is like a little Sicily in the heart of London. You’ll enter and find yourself surrounded by walls lined with thousands of different spirits, ceilings covered with plants, and the entirety lit up by little fairy lights. Every dish is homemade and inspired by the precise region of Sicily, differing from the usual Italian restaurant with dishes like Seppie e Limone (Cuttlefish marinated with garlic and orange zest) and Orlando Blue pizza (featuring Fior di Latte, Peach, Lavender, Speck and Gorgonzola). This restaurant has been popular since its debut for good reason.

7. Best dinner party restaurant: Wahaca

Rarely have I ever heard someone tell me they don’t like Peruvian cuisine, and for those who hesitate when I ask, it’s because they have never tried it before. This seems to make a good recipe for a dinner party, since Peruvian style cuisine is extremely trendy at the moment and hard to dislike. At this restaurant, the price tag keeps everyone happy. Okay, so what about the food itself? The menu here is created around UK’s best available ingredients to create a taste that won’t disappoint. Finally the concept itself revolves around sharing dishes, so what are you waiting for. Gather up your close friends and invite them to a dinner they won’t be forgetting in the near future.

8. Best date restaurant: Tozino

This little place located just under the railway arches of Maltby street in Bermondsey is a secret diner known by a select few. The small size, authentic vibes and excellent wine menu is perfect for a date to keep things intimate. And what pairs better with good wine than hand-carved Jamon Spanish style? Go ahead and try this one out, at least you know that if the date doesn’t work out, you didn’t break the bank.

restaurants-london-uk the 10 best restaurants and places to eat in london The 10 BEST restaurants and places to eat in London restaurants london uk

9. Best view restaurant: Helix at The Gherkin

For a good view of London, look no further than Helix at The Gherkin. This flawless restaurant located on the 39th floor of the Gherkin features a 360° view with its ceiling covered in windows. The decor is a combination of London’s famous skyscrapers and a kaleidoscope composition of elegant floral garlands. The menu is composed of modern British seasonal dishes to complete the London sensory experience.

10. Booziest brunch restaurant: Ping Pong

Located in the heart of Soho, this boozy brunch restaurant offers so much more than the usual Sunday brunch. This place is offering you Dim Sum with free-flowing cocktails mixed in with some good DJs. Celebrate your Sunday dancing to Funk/soul, House or Pop music,dim sum at hand. Can you think of a better way to spend the last day of the weekend?


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