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Whether you’re visiting the city for the first time or have lived in London your entire life, we’ve crafted a special list of 5 restaurant gems for you to try this coming weekend. We guarantee you’ll find at least one you didn’t yet know about, and you will love whichever one you decide to try. Thank us later.

1. Viet Hoa Mess

You may or may not have already heard about Viet Hoa restaurant, located in the center of Shoreditch. In any case, Viet Hoa Mess is the secret underground section of this delight designed for dinner parties of 6 or more people. The best part is the table you’ll be seated at which features infrared light grills for you and your friends to cook together and become your own chefs. The menu lets you choose from 8 meats, fish and seafood, and the prices are very affordable. The experience is likely not to be forgotten in the near future and a good time is pretty much guaranteed!

2. Locanda Locatelli

Now we know what you’re thinking here, ‘yet another italian restaurant’. This is where you’re wrong because this restaurant pretty much goes above and beyond all the other italian restaurant you may have experienced. The chef, Giorgio Locatelli is said to be the best Italian chef in the UK, and maybe even in the whole world. His focus on freshness and quality, with the italian cooking traditions he embedded from his uncle, cousins and grandmother all contribute to giving him that edge, and awarding his restaurant a Michelin star.

3. India Club Restaurant

Welcome back to India’s post-independence era in heart of London. When you step into this charming restaurant you will be greeted by an interior which has remained very much the same since the restaurants establishment over 50 years ago. The creation took place over 50 years ago to further the Indo-British friendship and has since been a welcoming place for visitors to connect culturally. Your visit here will be welcomed here by bottle green leather arm chairs, portraits of the independence era on the walls and some of the most delicious home cooked South Indian food.

4. Coal Office

If you haven’t yet had a chance to visit Israel, this may be an excellent place to start. The celebrated restaurateur, Assaf Granit, set out to create an immersive dining experience which would allow his customers to discover his home country through traditional flavors, textures and spices amongst a perfectly matching atmosphere. If you enjoy joyous settings, interaction with friendly waiters and healthy food, give this one a try. You’ll feel like you just returned from a sunny vacation in Israel when you leave.

5. Robata

Between Sushi, Skewers, Meats, Ceviche and Bao Buns, it’ll be hard to come to this restaurant and not find something you love. This Izakaya designed restaurant invites you to a laid-back, moody atmosphere with that special touch of Japanese class. The name is well-suited as the cooking is done Robatayaki style, over hot charcoal.


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