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Picking a cooking class in London is like picking a flower in Kew Gardens – the choices are endless and you probably won’t even see most of them. Thankfully, we have narrowed them down into key food types, listing the best class you can take for that. So, all you have to do is decide which meals you are most interested in learning to make.

1. Chinese

Contact: 020 7240 8818

Address: 61 Chandos Pl, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4HG

One of the most popular international cuisines in London is Chinese food, as you could guess from a short walk through the bustling, lantern-decorated streets of Soho. From dim sum to bao buns, noodles to peking duck pancakes, London has you covered. But what happens when you leave London and wontons aren’t available with just a short trip on the tube? It is simple – just go to School of Wok in Covent Garden. There, you will learn skills and recipes to take home with you, so you can make your favourites throughout the year. This pun-derful cooking school is the only award-winning Asian and Oriental cookery school in Europe, so you can expect the very best!

2. Italian

Contact: 020 7487 0750

Address: 64 Cross Keys Cl, Marylebone, London W1U 2DG

You don’t just have to be visiting London to be tempted by the plethora of restaurants scattered across the city. So, if you are local, why not avoid this temptation and become a food host in London from your very own kitchen. Italian cuisine is a backbone of the restaurant industry and can be the backbone of your fridge, too. All you need are the skills and the know-how, which La Cucina Caldesi Cookery School will teach you. Whether you are looking to master kneading handmade pizza dough, rolling pasta sheets, making a creamy carbonara sauce or layering up an appetizing lasagne, the chefs at La Cucina will make sure you are equipped to tackle its recipes in your own kitchen.

3. French

Contact: 020 7631 4590

Address: 15 Little Portland St, Marylebone, London W1W 8BW

French cuisine is a flagship for most modern contemporary cooking styles – the technique, the traditions and practices. Everything from croissants to beef bourguignon have permeated into our culinary lives. There are two French cooking classes available at the Cookery School at Little Portland Street. The first, entitled French Winter, is where you will learn to really embrace the wholesome, rustic foods that will keep you warm in the Winter, from wild mushroom and caramelised onion tarts with homemade bread, to sweet and delicious macarons. The second is French Provencal, where you will venture into the heart of southern French cuisine. Learn how to cook fresh fish to perfection, how to whip up all the classic sauces and dips, and the world-famous Provencal boeuf en daube.\

4. Dessert

Contact: 020 7400 3900

Address: 15 Bloomsbury Square, Holborn, London WC1A 2LS

If your sweet tooth does most of the decision-making for you, then help it along and book a class at Cordon Bleu Cookery School. This internationally acclaimed cooking school are masters of teaching the culinary arts and have classes available for beginners and experts alike. Everyone can learn something. Creating desserts is so much more than just baking a chocolate cake. It is about taking simple technical elements and making something truly special and memorable, like boiling a simple sugar mix into delectable honeycomb, or transforming a block of chocolate into edible decór.

Being the perfect food host in London is not complete without a mouthwatering sweet treat at the end of the meal. You can get a firm grasp on everything from the techniques needed to temper chocolate and decorate cakes through to plating is covered in the Cordon Bleu’s range of courses. All you have left to do is turn up.

5. Knife Skills

Contact: 07814 027067

Address: 96 Central St, London EC1V 8AJ

People looking to improve their cooking skills are often quick to book classes with recipes and experienced chefs to show them the ropes. But what is often underestimated is the value of improving your knife skills. While it may not seem as exciting as tossing some soy noodles in a wok, it is the difference of skill needed to transform you from a home cook into someone who can continuously improve and experiment with harder recipes in the kitchen. Food at 52 has just introduced a brand new knife skills course, including how to julienne, slice, dice and chop – all essential tools that will make future courses far more rewarding and beneficial.

6. Indian

Contact: 020 8874 7623

Address: 3 Enterprise Way, London SW18 1FZ

Wandswoth’s The Avenue Cookery School is where you need to head if you are looking to experiment with and understand the value of Indian spices and flavours. You will learn how to assemble some of your favourite Indian dishes, like fresh naan bread or spicy chicken masala. There are two sensational courses available at The Avenue, one is the Indian Cooking Class In The City, where you will learn everything from the art of sizzling tandoori to making curry paste that will make you your friends’ go-to food host in London. They also have the Vegan Cooking Class, which speaks for itself. Think all the key dishes of Indian cuisine, then learn how to give it a vegan twist and you never have to miss out on your favourites.

7. Mexican

Contact: 07775 677120

Address: 100 Ossulton Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London N2 0LD

Mexican Food Memories in north London does exactly what the name promises – it creates lasting memories and provides you with skills that will last you a lifetime. What is really special about this particular cookery school is that locals have the opportunity to take the course from their own kitchens. For visitors to the city, you can go to Mexican Food Memories’ HQ in Hampstead and learn the tricks of the Mexican cooking trade from there. Another great feature is that you can organise your session to suit the kind of food you are interested in cooking, so email ahead of time and let them know what you are looking to make at home.

We have made the choice a lot simpler for you – there is no longer a need to comb through all possible cooking courses in London. Instead, just pick your cuisine of choice and know that we are sending you in the best possible direction!


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