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Homestays are usually an excellent alternative to staying in hotels and even airbnbs when travelling. They offer many benefits that go beyond simply saving on cash. They allow you to meet locals, understand their culture and get insider tips on the hot attractions around. Homestays essentially offer a much more authentic experience to your travels.

They can however be a bit daunting, since discovering a new culture is great but homestays ultimately require you to adapt at least a little to this newly discovered culture. One of the main concerns is what meals you’ll be served, and let’s face it, England isn’t exactly popular for its cuisine. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. British like to eat a lot of potatoes cooked in all sorts of different ways. Their meals tend to be based around beef, lamb, pork, chicken or fish accompanied by different styles of potato dishes and vegetables.

Some signature dishes you can expect include the following: Bangers and mash (a pork sausage dish with mashed potatoes on the side), jacket potato (a large sized potato baked in the oven and filled with various fillings such as tuna and mayonnaise, cheddar or cottage cheese, etc), shepherds pie (meat pie topped with mashed potato), fish and chips, and the famous sunday roasts with vegetables and gravy.

The british don’t only cook national specialties at home, you may be served a pasta dish, lasagna, pizza or a plate of curry among other possibilities. Don’t expect all your meals to be home cooked from scratch. You can expect some take-away food or readily made, heated up food from time to time as the brits aren’t usually very keen on spending a lot of time in the kitchen. You may even get to eat out with your local host to try out one of the many restaurant options in the city.

For breakfast you will most likely be served continental breakfast; generally consisting of toast, a variety of jams, and fruit. Another popular british breakfast is porridge topped either with sugar, fruit, milk, cream and other flavorings. The british do love their full english breakfast, which you may be lucky to come across for brunch one day. This dish features sausages (known as bangers), bacon, baked beans, fried, poached or scrambled eggs, fried tomatoes, mushrooms and toast. It is in fact one of the most internationally recognized dish from England, easily found on breakfast menus all over the world.

One last element to british culture you should know is that the brits love their tea. You will most likely be offered the English Breakfast Tea in the morning, Earl Grey for afternoon tea and a herbal tea in the evening. Don’t be surprised if they include milk in their tea, this is another staple feature to how England distinguishes itself from its neighboring European countries.

All in all, you will not be left hungry in a british household and you may even discover some new ways of doing things which you will find yourself adopting even after returning home. England is very unique so expect to have a lot of fun discovering all the ins and outs of its culture.


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