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  • About Me: Atelier FORTE was born on March 13, 1998, in Milan in the Ortica district, sung by Enzo Jannacci ("Was the pole in the band de l'Ortiga" of 1966), a fraction of the ancient town of Lambrate. The structure is part of an industrial complex that has ancient origins, then converted into industrial structures of the nineteenth-century matrix, which give the complex a taste halfway between the rural world of the Lombard farmsteads and the ancient industrial buildings of northern Europe. The spaces are characterized by a suggestive northern European atmosphere, retro industrial with exposed bricks, cast-iron columns, large English-style iron windows, wooden structures, a garden, a laboratory and artistic installations. An enchanted place, built from what has been the most typical structure of a Lombard farmhouse. Space is in continuous development and mutation where the works contribute to defining the ArkiZoic style. The atelier is the physical place where the contamination between the different fields of art and culture constitutes a creative act. The characters who animate the spaces, as actors who interpret their role, compete with various skills and abilities to complete the work, as happens in the cinema or in the theatre. Sculptures in wood and metal, between pure art and design; complex objects and minimal structures, grandiose projects and small jewels: a rich and articulate universe, astonishing and bewitching. The unique opportunity to discover a new corner of the city, so magical to result wrapped in a dreamlike atmosphere
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