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Goat Tarkari
Chef Fernando Baena

Online Cooking Class

Tue Jan 18, 6 pm UK
Duration: 60 minutes


Is a recipe from western Venezuela, originally made with goat but it works really well with lamb as well. One of the main ingredients is yellow curry paste that we adopted from the neighbor islands Trinidad y Tobago, which use to be an English commercial port who had a strong relationship with India and that’s how the people of the island start using it and then came to Venezuela to make this wonderful dish.


Goat or lamb 1kg (I like to use a combination of ribs and shank or ribs and neck)
Yellow curry paste 80gr
Tomato paste 30gr
Onions 250gr
Garlic 20gr
Oregano 10gr
Butter 20gr
Fresh tomato 100gr
Sweet fresh chili 80gr
Red wine 130gr
Potato 250gr
Cumin 10gr
Rhum 8gr
Bell pepper 30gr


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