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Grouper corbullon
Chef Fernando Baena

Online Cooking Class

Mon Dec 28, 7 pm UK
Duration: 60 minutes


The word corbullon comes from the French word court-bouillon which means short stock or light stock. This dish came with the corsica (French island) Immigration in the XIX century to the eastern Venezuela where suffer (in a good way I think) some changes making a full of flavor fish stew mainly made with grouper, but works with some others white fishes as snapper or mullets.


Grouper 1kg
Onions 140gr
Garlic 10gr
Tomato 80gr
Extra virgin olive oil 16gr
Sweet chili (fresh) 50gr
Thyme 5gr
Red wine 200gr
Sherry wine 30gr
White precooked corn flour (harina P.A.N) 100gr
Butter 20gr
Green olives (seeded) 50gr
Bell pepper 30gr
Bay leafs 4gr


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