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Online Vegan Cookery Event
By KitchenJoy


Come along to the ONLINE KitchenJoy Cookery event for an interactive cookery demo.   The theme is Vegan cookery where Joy will be making sample dishes such as Seitan Mongolian stir fry, cauliflower buffalo wings and chocolate & orange mousse

Participants will be signing up for a hands-on cookery class, where you will cook in your own kitchen via Zoom virtually guided with tuition by KitchenJoy.

Why not take proactive steps to increase plant-based foods into your diet or if you are already vegan, learn about new exciting dishes you can prepare in your own kitchen. Kitchen Joy will enlighten you on the health benefits of food-types by offering an explanation of how certain key ingredients interact with the body and when used in the right way, balancing your body to maximise both physical and mental output over these challenging times.

Our online lunch time or evening medicinal vegan cookery class is an introduction to nutritional cooking which incorporates the healthiest plant-based foods into exciting and tasty recipes in a simplistic way, You will learn to cook a wide range of simple, healthy dishes using fresh and easily available ingredients. You will discover the medicinal benefits of selected herbs and spices with an explanation of the importance of certain nutrient groups which can strengthen our immune systems and balance our blood sugars.

Founded in 2017, KitchenJoy is a cookery school with a difference providing cookery courses that combine experiential learning of culinary skills with a medicinal foundation to promote health and wellbeing. Based in my home in Chiswick, W4, I am committed to using all my life experiences in nutrition and world cooking to create, not just nutritional classes, but a place where people can come together, learn skills, share knowledge, with minimum fuss, all with the common love of food.

Cookery classes we have run to date each have a specific focus from learning to boost the immune system and energy levels, good mood foods, eating vegan and cooking for healthy brain function. Using nutritional pillars to inspire the recipes, seasonal ingredients are locally sourced and specifically selected to promote wellbeing.

This is a fun, educational class for any level.   And in these challenging times, KitchenJoy has decided to run this course online.

Once you have secured your place by payment, the recipe ingredients will be sent to you with a pre requisite guide on how the course will be run, along with a zoom link.

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Online Cooking Class

duration: 90 minutes
Tue Dec 1, 12 pm UK
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