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Spinach Cappuccino
Chef Abram

Online Cooking Class

Thu Nov 26, 6 pm UK
Duration: 50 minutes


If you love cappuccino (who doesn't?) and you are curious to explore its savoury version, this cooking class is just perfect! Amaze your senses and wow your family&friends during the next gathering with my special Spinach Cappuccino recipe.

Colorful, healthy, exquisite, fun and last but not least easy to prepare, this spinach soup with gorgonzola cream makes the perfect aperitiv, starter or even maincourse!
Play with glasses, dishes and nice garniture will be enough to "glamourize"this flavorful dish. During these 50 minutes cooking class I'll be teaching you how to create the perfect and brightest soup to drink, and the most incredibly delicious gorgonzola cream.

Additionally, I'll be very happy to share with you my tips&tricks about making other "wow dishes" re-using the very same main ingredients of the Spinach Cappuccino. I love designing amazing, impactful and hyper tasty dishes which are easy to make for everbody, after getting the right instructions.

I am here for you, happy to lead you through a very unexpected flavorful dish in a glass. Are you ready to toast with me to a great vegetarian cooking class?


500 gr. Fresh spinach (baby leaves?)
• 175 gr. Soft gorgonzola cheese (dolce)
• 400 ml. Fresh double cream
• 100 gr. Pecorino cheese, grated (or parmesan)
• 15 gr. Almonds
• 15 gr. Macadamia nuts
• 100 ml. Extra vergine olive oil
• 1 fresh red pepper
• Red pepper oil for garnish (or just extra vergine olive oil) QB.
• Some nice small red & green lettuce leaves, and rucola leaves for garnish
• Shiso Purple (red cress for garnish, if you can find?)
• 3.5 ltr. Boiling water (with salt, QB)
• Salt & Pepper, QB

• 1 Large cooking pan with boiling water (3.5 ltr)
• 1 Small cooking pan for cream (400 ml)
• 1 Blender
• Parmesan grater
• Big chefs knife
• Small knife
• 1 Small frying pan (for roast almonds)
• 2 nice glasses for the cappuccino
• Ladle
• Tong
• Skimmer
• Cutting board


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Paccheri Gorgonzola & Spinach