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Street food: Patacón
Chef Fernando Baena
Chef Fernando Baena - Patacón -1

Online Cooking Class

Mon Dec 21, 7 pm UK
Duration: 60 minutes


These guys are less known than the arepas but are The truly Venezuelan street food form Zulia state and eventually to the rest of the country this is a very nice way to go to bed after a hard party night. Is green green plantain that we deep fry and smash, then deep fry again and put several things on top and finished with other piece of plantain.


Green plantain 1pc
Ground beef 500gr
Tomato 200gr
Tomato paste 50gr
Onions 50gr
Garlic 9gr
Coriander root 20gr
Coriander leaf 15gr
Bay leaf 3gr
Black pepper 5gr
Worcestershire 10gr
Mustard 10gr
Cumin 5gr
Cabbage 60gr
Mayonnaise 18gr
Lemon juice 6gr
Honey 8gr
Smoked leg pork ham (sliced)25
Cheddar cheese 20


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