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Vuelve a la vida (back to life)
Chef Fernando Baena

Online Cooking Class

Mon Sep 28, 6 pm UK
Duration: 60 minutes


It’s a very common cocktail of central coast where I come from. It’s an escabeche kind of dish and you can use any seafood you want to make it (it’s what I love from recipe). It’s very fresh and it’s goes perfect whit a blond beer in a summer beach day.


Shrimps 100gr
Oysters 5pc
Squid 150gr
Mussels 250 gr
Coriander 15gr
Red onion 40gr
Lemon juice 20gr
Orange juice 50gr
White wine vinegar 30gr
Dry oregano 3gr
Bay leaf 2gr
Ketchup 8gr
Worcestershire sauce 9gr
Black pepper 4gr


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