Learn Bartending Techniques with Dry Milano

Bartending is an art and one that requires mad skills.  There are no two ways about it. If you think that simply memorizing a few cocktail recipes and putting them together at a party makes you a bartender, then you’re wrong. Mixology takes a lot more than just memorizing recipes. As a bartender, you need to understand your alcohol and all your ingredients. Your drink should tell a unique story through its flavours, and as a bartender, you are the author of that story, with the ingredients being your characters.

Having received recognition around the world as a serious profession, there are now specialized schools for bartending operating around the world. But what if you’ve already made your career choice and just want to pick up a few tricks to entertain your guests? Well, Dry Milano is here to solve your problem.

Dry Milano is a hip cocktail bar with two prime locations – Viale Vittorio Veneto and Via Solferino – offering a high-end nightlife experience with its wide choice of cocktails to go with your meal. Now, having a name like “Dry” for a cocktail bar is pretty curious – after all, as per its common meaning of ‘no alcohol’, it leaves the place quite redundant. However, dry also means ‘reduced to the bones’ or rather, reduced to ‘the fundamental qualities’ and in this case, quite consciously so.

Dry aims to simply bring together two fundamentals – pizza and alcohol – to serve you the best pizzas accompanied by remarkable cocktails in the heart of Milan. While at it, the bar is also offering a unique experience for mixology fans – to learn bartending techniques.

At this distinctive experience, Dry Milano has curated an exclusive session behind the bar with the Dry bar manager. During this experience, the bar manager will guide you through the basics of mixology and demonstrate some of the common tricks of bartending. The session will culminate in an opportunity to shake his signature cocktail with him!

To accompany the cocktail that you have just mixed for yourself, you will be served:

  • Cubotti with roasted ham and horseradish
  • Focaccia with rocket, squacquerone cheese and basil oil
  • Selection of homemade gelato

Sign up for this fun experience, and pick up a cool bartending skill or two from the best in the business.