Connecting with Founder James Hill and

How did you come up with the idea for
I have been in the travel media business for two decades, first building a Japanese publishing company for Japanese Global Travellers, then I Launched ‘BeIn’ City guide, and finally founded LUXOS Magazines, luxury travel guides distributed in 4 & 5 star hotels across several different countries. Apart from working with luxury brands, I regularly talked to chefs, restaurant owners and all kinds of venues looking to create experiences. My sister-in law is a lawyer and opened my eyes to the change of regulations for home restaurants as well as the success of new businesses like Airbnb and Uber. So I thought that this new sharing economy trend was definitely the path to follow and decided to create something that could “connect people through food”.

How has your experience in the travel space helped you?
I have been travelling all around the globe for the last 25 years, and one thing I’ve noticed is, when travelling people are looking to connect, discover new experiences and meet new friends. I really felt we needed a new kind of platform that could bring all these people and experiences together, that’s how was born.

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Do you like to host?
You can ask my wife: when I am not travelling my passion is to open the door to my home and invite all my friends to enjoy great food & wine. Even when I travel I love discovering new restaurants, meeting the owners, chatting with chefs, and just generally learning more about their stories. Now that we have launched we are working with incredible creative people that see food in their own unique way, and we are turning their visions into wonderful experiences that both local and international guests can enjoy. What’s amazing about this platform is that guests can become hosts and viceversa. 

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What do you tell your hosts?
I tell them to be a beacon of bright light for guests, help them to enjoy life, let them try new and unique ways to eat. The hosts need to create the optimal meal sharing opportunities in order to become that bridge for people to meet each other and share their experiences with their friends and loved ones.

What’s next for
We are confident that after launching pilot market in Milan followed by official launch in London, we will be looking to expland to New York City by end of Q4 2019, our global role-out will be organic and new markets will want to be part of the world we are creating. is like a baby, it will need support, love and attention as we hope it will grow and develop into something special.