The Ultimate Bucket List of Cheesy Experiences in London

While there is no conclusive evidence as to where cheese making originates, we can safely say that the world is a better place because of cheese in it. Can you imagine just how much flavour our lives would be lacking if it weren’t for cheese? We shudder to even think of it! If like us, you too are a true cheese devotee, and happen to find yourself in London then here’s the ultimate bucket list of cheesy experiences you must have in the city:

1. The Cheese Truck

This no frills food truck is what you need to chase down if you’re in the mood for a ridiculously cheesy grilled cheese sandwich. Their aim is to show people just how amazing British cheese is and they do so quite successfully by melting locally sourced cheeses combined with artisanal breads. Popularly found at Maltby Street Market the truck travels a lot and you easily find their location via their social media. While their deliciously gooey sandwiches are heavy on the stomach they are quite light on the pocket with cost for two being just £10.

2. The Cheese Bar

If you’re not satisfied with simply a grilled cheese, then fret not. The founders of The Cheese Truck decided to expand their horizons and have opened their flagship restaurant in Camden – The Cheese Bar – also known as the cheesiest place in London. Need we say more? Head out to Camden Stables Market to get your hands on some of the cheesiest comfort foods out there.

3. Alpes

Experience the magic of hot melted raclette at this small Alpine bistro in a shipping container in Pop Brixton brought to you by famed street food vendors Raclette Brothers. The fact that they decided to open up a permanent space is a testimonial to their Raclette Savoyarde (priced at £9 at Alpes) being worth the hype.

4. Oli Baba’s

Forget your Mozzarella Sticks or Cheddar pops and make way for your new addiction: Halloumi Fries. Oli Baba’s at Camden Market (and now at Netil Market) call themselves as the original creators of Halloumi Fries and this delicacy full of middle eastern flavours is something you can simply not afford to miss when in London. Their Camden stall serves literally only their flagship dish priced at an affordable £6 and topped with Zaatar Yogurt, Pomegranate Seeds & Molasses, Mint, Sumac and Turkish Chilli flakes.

5. Champagne + Fromage

This French bistro in Covent Garden serves the best – yes, you guessed it – Champagne and Fromage (cheese) combination. A fine selection of Champagne, some brilliantly put together cheese and charcuterie boards as well as seasonal specials and tempting desserts – all served the french way. The best part about this eatery is that it’s not just an eatery – you can very well purchase their finest grower Champagne and over 50 types of soft & hard cheeses to take home with you.

6. St. Moritz

Visit London’s oldest Swiss Restaurant, St. Moritz, for an authentic Fondue experience. Located in Soho, this place is popular for serving an amazing blend of bubbling Swiss cheeses with a variety of breads and seasonal vegetables. An average cost for two is £45.

7. The Cheese Wheel

Hot and fresh hand rolled pasta swirled around generously in a giant Grana Padano cheese wheel. This is your cheesy pasta dream come true, trust us. Made with signature white wine, garlic and chive sauce, their pasta is topped with only the finest artisan ingredients. You can find The Cheese Wheel at Kerb Camden Market.

8. La Fromagerie

Another French cafe and shop that should not be missed by cheese connoisseurs is La Fromagerie in Marylebone. You can enjoy breakfast and lunch featuring the exquisite cheeses on offer at the store daily, or indulge in their Cheese & Wine tastings on Friday evenings. Cost for two on an average at La Fromagerie is around £30.

9. Kappacasein Dairy

Visit their stall at Borough Market for some fantastic Raclette and toastie, or if you want to satisfy the cheese nerd in you, then you can visit their dairy in Bermondsey. Open to guests exclusively on Saturdays, the Kappacasein Dairy is great opportunity to taste their cheese and see how they are made. Take home locally produced cheese with you and impress your friends with some cheesy delights as well as trivia!

What do Londoners Eat Everday?

One can find n number of listicles on the internet that will lead them to the best eateries around London. But what a Londoner really eat on a daily basis? Surely not all of them are hanging out at Michelin starred restaurants or the fancy new establishment that promises to re-innovate British food. If you’re curious to eat like a local, then read on to find out what a typical working-class Londoner’s daily meals look like.

Meal 1: Breakfast

No one has the appetite, the time or the luxury to afford a full English Breakfast on a daily basis. Most Londoners will typically grab their favourite cereal, a quick toast or portion of eggs and a cuppa tea or coffee. Most Londoners have to rush and catch the tube to work, so breakfast affair is kept as short as possible, and energies as high as possible. Those who cannot spare time to whip up breakfast at home will often make a quick pit stop at their local cafe or the good ol’ Pret.

Of course, once in a while, one may indulge in traditional English breakfast which includes bacon, bangers, eggs, veggies, toast, baked beans and more as desired. Given the number of things that go on the traditional breakfast plate, one would usually head out to a local restaurant or pub for a good breakfast deal.

Meal 2: Lunch

Lunches on weekdays are usually kept compact. A sandwich, a drink and a bag of crisps. Most local supermarkets and groceries will offer meal deals during lunchtime that offer multiple options on combos. A sandwich can be easily switched up with a wrap or salad to break the monotony but the overall meal composition remains pretty standard.

On weekends though, one may prefer something more elaborate. The traditional route is to opt for a Sunday Roast consisting of roast beef, roast potatoes, veggies and Yorkshire pudding. However, the brunching trend has really caught up with the city and nearly every popular eatery offers great bottomless brunch deals to help you wear off the week’s stress and gear up for the next week.

Meal 3: Tea / Dinner / Supper

Depending on how early the final meal of the day is had, it can be called tea, dinner or supper.  As one returns home after a long day at work, tea helps the system relax and recalibrate. The hot beverage is followed immediately with a meat dish accompanied by veggies. Curries, pasta and rice have come to become favoured meal selections nowadays.

There are plenty of takeaway and delivery options easily accessible all across the city, so one can quite easily include international food for a mid-week dinner instead of having to wait till the weekend to go out.

How to make the most of your short trip to London?

If you’re visiting London for a short while and would like to learn more about the food habits of Londoners, then the best way to do so would be to find a food host near you and sign up for an food event that entices you – a walking food tour, a culinary workshop or even a home food dinner. There’s no better way to experience local food than by sharing the meal with a local in their own home.

10 Best Places to Eat in London

When you’re in London for a short period of time, choosing the best place to eat at can get overwhelming. There are way too many options out there, and you don’t want to ruin your limited meals in the city by choosing the wrong place. Check out our list of the top 10 best places to eat in London.

1. Hoppers

Named after popular Sri Lankan dish – hopper – this Frith Street outlet doesn’t take reservations. However, no matter what the waiting time, rest assured that the time you invest will be well worth it just for that first bite of a hopper, a dosa or one of their popular karis. Allow yourself to drown in authentic Sri Lankan flavours and feel free to get guidance from their friendly staff about what to order. Open from 12 noon to 10:30 pm, a meal for two will cost you around £40.

2. Lyle’s

This British casual dining restaurant is known for having a new set menu every week – one each for lunch and dinner. There is also a separate vegetarian menu that changes weekly as well. This constant re-invention of the menu will ensure that your repeat visits to the restaurant will be as unique and exciting as your first one. Lyle’s is located in Shoreditch, and a meal for two will average at £55.

3. 40 Maltby Street

Located in Bermondsey, this cosy little place is a lot like a wine bar with European cuisine on offer. Though modest in size, the level of sophistication is high with careful attention given to the ingredients and their prominence on the plate. Bear in mind though, that the establishment is closed on Sundays and Mondays, except for special occasions, so try to go in for a weekday dinner. Cost for two will be around £50.

4. Ledbury

If you’re feeling fancy then perhaps you can opt for Ledbury in Notting Hill which has been awarded 2 Michelin stars. Chef Brett Graham runs the kitchen here, offering iinnovative British and European fare. Ledbury has also been featured in World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and a good part of the credit for this can also be given to their exceptional service. Lunch for two can set you back by £250.

5. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Run by celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal, this establishment, too, has been awarded 2 Michelin stars. Located in Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, the cost for two at this casual dining is £130 on the dinner menu which offers enchanting flavour encapsulation through its multi-sensory cooking techniques.

6. Gymkhana

For those seeking good Indian and Pakistani fare, Gymkhana takes the trophy. Located in Mayfair, this local favourite is one that people are willing to empty their wallets for. Their a la carte menu offers a vast variety of choice, so if you’re too fickle minded to choose then opt for their set menu. Dinner for two will cost you about £80.

7. Bao

Take a break from shopping in Soho and head to this Taiwanese street food outlet, named after it’s star dish – Bao – for a quick fix to your hunger pangs. This local favourite usually has queues outside its doors, but their great service will ensure that your wait doesn’t seem too long. Cost for two is about £25.

8. Pidgin

Another Michelin starred name on the list, Pidgin in Hackney started off as a supper club. It offers contemporary British and European fare, with a weekly change in the menu. The place is closed on Mondays, and a meal for two is for about £75.

9. Padella

Padella has a limited menu with only 3 courses listed but it is famously known to serve the best pasta in London. Need we say anymore? Head to London Bridge to enjoy a meal at this Italian eatery and verify this claim for yourself. The cost for two at Padella is £30 on an average.

10. Hakkasan

Hakkasan in Fitzrovia brings to you modern Cantonese cuisine paired with world-class mixology. The kitchen is run by Chef Tong Chee Hwee, who happens to be the only Chinese chef to have been awarded the London Chef of the Year. £120 is the average price for a meal for two.