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Know Your Food’s Worth in Italy

Budgeting in an important aspect of planning your travels, and an element that usually takes up a prominent space in the budget is food. Exploring the culinary culture is mandatory when in Italy, but exactly how much should you set aside to enjoy all the delicacies this food haven of a country has to offer? Here’s FoodSocial’s handy guide to knowing your food’s worth in Italy.


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The first meal of the day in Italy is no big affair. It is kept simple and to the point with simply a coffee accompanied by mostly a bread or pastry; occasionally a sandwich. An espresso will cost you less than €1 whereas a classic cappuccino is for €1.3 approximately . Add to it a cornetto (Italian rendition of the French croissant) worth €1.5 and you get yourself an Italian breakfast in under €3.

Pro-tip: Most cafes charge you more if you’re sitting down, so be sure to check the menu for ‘standing-up’ and ‘sitting-down’ prices before you order!

Meal #1 = € 3


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While lunch is definitely more substantial than breakfast, for most people it isn’t as elaborate as they would like it to be as they may have work to get back to. You too may have activities planned for the day,  so it’s best to keep lunch short and stick to a quick picnic meal such as a sandwich (€4), wholesome soup (5) or maybe even a pizza (€8). Pair it with a beer for €4 and follow it up with a €2 gelato for dessert, and you have your lunch chiming in at 15 max.  

Meal #2 = €15


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Ah, the great Italian dinner. Now, this is the meal you really want to account for in your budget. As we know, dinner in Italy is an elaborate and lavish affair.  Use this as an opportunity to unwind and indulge – perhaps even attend a food event near you. Here’s how much a 7 course dinner should will cost you in a mid-range ristorante:

Aperitivo = €8
Antipasti = €6
Primo = 9
Secondo = €14
Contorno e Insalata = €15
Dolci = €6
Digestivo = €4

Meal #3 = €62

Total Food Budget Per Day = Meal #1 + #2 + #3 = €80


You most definitely will not be having a 7 course dinner everyday. It’s likely you’ll end up with 3 courses at max for €20; which will lead to a revised Total Food Budget of €38 per day.

Total Food Budget per day = €38

Total Food Budget per day with a 7 course dinner = €80


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